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Indian wear is one of the most exquisite and intricate attires that you will find around the world. The Indian dress scene is now making major trends in the fashion industry. Check out the latest trends striking their mark in Indian style.

1. Lengha with Side Slit - These lenghas execute a fresh and appealing style. We have seen it on countless celebrities, including Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Vaani Kapoor, and Malaika Arora. To maintain the delicate look, pick relatively comfortable shoes so you can work the suit well. 

2. Ruffle Sarees and Dupattas - Ruffle sarees are a major comeback of the 90s trend and can be styled in numerous ways. A tiny ruffle detailing at the border and pallu can make a world of a difference to your retro saree look. Or if you want to go bold and make a statement with the ruffles, layer the ruffle design in monochromatic or contrasting colors.

3. Heavy pita work dresses and lenghas for festive occasions - Pitta work is an ancient work of embroidery that is never out of fashion! Its beauty speaks for itself and suitable for the festive season. A gorgeous updo and sophisticated jewelry complete the royal look!

4. Heavy long jacket over tops and pants for fusion look - Want an effortless yet stunning look in your closet? Then this style is for you! Long jackets over a casual piece underneath creates an elegant look to wear on the go. Match it with a small crossbody or flats.

5. Lace overall for delicate looks -  Lace over chaniya cholis frame a refined and subtle look. It looks breathtaking in pastels and sober colors! Pair it with minimal jewelry to accentuate the beauty of the dress.


Meet Sophia Enzo patel
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Hi, I'm Sophia Enzo Patel and 7 years old, I am an Indian girl from Dallas and a professional model for Kim Dawson Agency, singer and also I like to act. I like to joke, sing and of course dance Bollywood style. I started modeling when I was 4 years old and currently I am featured on Neiman Marcus, Sams Club and Michael's websites. 

I did a Bollywood dance at the age of 5 by myself in front of a crowd of 800 people at my cousin’s wedding with only 2 rehearsals. I also have done a lot of photoshoots and been on a lot of websites such as J.C Penney's, Kid Kraft, Neiman Marcus, Sams Club, Michaels.  I also have done fashion shows for the World Trade Center in Dallas and I am a brand ambassador for Purveyor24, Uniquebaby shop, Moque, Jean and Hadley, Amelia J Collections and LittleGoodall clothing.   

I like to travel and have been to London, Dubai, Mauritius, Germany and France, where I did a photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower and get this, a company created a doll that looks just like me which is currently sold at  Posh Customs Dolls. 

My Mum, Kalyani is born and raised in the Mauritius Island and speaks French and my dad, Anil is born and raised in England and speaks Gujarati, I am trying to learn both languages slowly. I like a lot school a lot and want to be a Pediatrician so I can help kids when I grow up. 

I like modeling because its a lot of fun, we get travel and dress up in different clothes. I also love being able to make new friends outside of my school, and dance class and also like the attention. I like to smile a lot and in modeling, we call it  "Turn - Smile - Pose" and like to  work with a lot of different  professional photographers especially with Vishal Gandhi  for the "Back To School" photoshoot and like getting my makeup done by Lavish. This was a lot of fun, because it was a big school and Uncle Vishal let me pose upside down on the school desk, which was a lot of fun... 

I think modeling for me can help me become who I want to be in life because as my mum and dad say, ‘Everything is possible in life’ and everyone can do it too if you work hard enough. 


Miracles do happen when our spirit is stronger than the body - Sushmita Sen
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“Miracles do happen when our spirit is stronger than the body”
Writter & Photographer : Juliet Albuquerque Photography
If there is any woman who touches your heart warmly and blows your mind, all at the same time, it would have to be the former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress, the ever so beautiful and charismatic Sushmita Sen .

She could rightly be called the fist lady of India for all her first’s.

One can never forget that moment, exactly a quarter of a centaury ago in 1994, when those results were announced and 18 year old Sushmita Sen became the very first Indian to win the title of ‘Miss Universe’ putting India on the international map of beauty with a purpose and rightfully so. Literally the whole country gleamed with joy and pride celebrating that victory that we all experienced through her.

A powerhouse having 5.7million followers on Twitter and 4.1 million followers on Instagram and counting , who lives on her own terms not just by mere words but by example through her very own life and actions giving strength to thousands of women across the globe.

Sushmita Sen had the pleasure of meeting mother Theresa, just before she passed away in Calcutta /India. She saw her work in the orphanages and in the missionaries of charity and was inspired and in her own words expressed that she learnt from her how to be a mom.

She was awarded ‘ The Mother Theresa International Award’ by NGO ‘The harmony foundation for her efforts towards achieving social justice.

At 24 years of age, being a single girl , Sushmita adopted her first daughter Reene and later Alisah who she says have been born from her heart . Sushmita showed the world that you don’t need a man to be a mom . All you need is God, love and the strength of a woman. With that power of unconditional love she now has two immense creations of strength that call her “Mom”. She has single handedly raised her two kids defying all odds in a so called mans world.

In 2014 Sushmita had gone through an adrenal crisis and was declared steroid dependent for life. She had to take the steroid hydrocortisone, every 8 hours to stay alive. Sushmita under went treatment in London and Germany. It was a very traumatic time in her life experiencing loss of hair every day, with very high blood pressure, heavy eyes and loss of bone density among other side effects not forgetting the fact that she was a single mom. She was even advised to change her profession but this defiant strong willed diva decided if she goes down, she would do so living her life to the fullest on her terms. Advised by doctors to stay away from anti gravity she defied it (which she clearly doesn’t advice anyone to) and got her trainer to do exactly just that and she then got into yoga until one day she collapsed and was rushed to a hospital in Abu Dhabi where she was taken off the steroids in hospital and did the Synacthen test again. This time the results were a MIRACLE !! The doctor told her that in his 35 years of medical practice ,he had never seen anyone with an adrenal failure that had come back to producing cortisone again which means she did not have to take those steroids again and was on her way to recovery.

And this takes me back to the very first time I ever met Sushmita 18 years ago at the ‘Warsi’ residence on one gloomy evening where this ray of sunshine walked up to me and hugged me whispering in my ear “ Juliet , this too shall pass.” I’m so glad it did for you Sushmita ,you kind hearted angel. We wish you only the best. Continue to spread your love and joy and touch more lives, which very evidently you do . Shine like the sun and reach for the stars miss universe and we will follow you …..

Padma Mishra: Art Of Balancing Act
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An insight to the life of Padma Mishra, the owner of VISRAP entertainment. A girl from a small state in India, who comes to USA with some buried dreams and desires and then along with adapting herself in a new environment, taking care of all the home chores and family just decided to give wings to her passion.

She was always in love with music and decided to bring this music to the reach of the Dallas Community and thus was born VISRAP entertainment. Not only this she is also a Board of directors and Women Forum Co chair for Indian Association of North Texas.

1.     What inspired you to start VISRAP Entertainment?

A: - When I moved to Dallas, had no friends, so involved myself in volunteer work for concerts and started enjoying and looking at the fact that no women are involved in this field, so I decided to start this venture.

2.     What was the logic behind the name VISRAP?

A:- The name is a combination of my whole family, VIS from my son, Vishal, RA from my husband, Rajesh and P from my name, Padma. My family support is my inspiration.

3.     How did you manage to do three shows back to back in 2018 all alone in spite of all the odds that you were facing in life?

A: - I am a challenge loving person, my self-confidence and my willingness to do things made me do this.

4.     You are loved and surrounded by so many people around you, what’s the magic behind this?

A: - I believe in give and take, if you give love and respect, you are reflected back.

5.     What message would you like to give to girls out there who have somewhere in heart to do something, but are not able to be that bold enough to ignite it?

A: - Whatever you want to do, people will give you advice, people will help you but in the end its you have to take it forward. Be yourself.

Women are the real architects of the society.

Happy Woman’s Day .


A Primer on Ayurveda Gauri Junnarkar in conversation with Neetu Rishi
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Let’s meet the founder of Ayurnutrition and co-author of the book “A Primer on Ayurveda: A Practical Guide”, Ms. Gauri Junnarkar.

It was an honour to meet Ms. Gauri Junnarkar, a Registered Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, Ayurveda Practitioner(Vaidya), Panchakarma Specialist, and Licensed Massage Therapist.

She has completed a 500 hour Massage Certification course from Kekino Massage Academy. She is a highly acclaimed international keynote speaker and has presented at international and local conferences on Ayurveda. She recently co-authored a book ‘A Primer on Ayurveda: A Practical Guide’, now published on Amazon. She is a faculty member at International University of Yoga and Ayurveda, American Institute of Ayurveda and Tarrant County College. She is currently a member of American Association of Diabetes Educator and AMTA.

Ms. Gauri, which was the starting point for you to take this path of Ayurveda?
A: In childhood while helping my mother in cooking, I got a cut on my finger and she applied turmeric on it mentioning that it has lot of beneficial properties and that inspired me to explore more about it and thus Ayurveda peeped into my life.

Can you walk us through how Ayurveda is important for human life and what all services do you offer?
A: Ayurveda is a science of life and it focuses on mind and body connection. We offer Ayurveda services, Nutrition services,Wellness services, Pancharkarma therapies and an integrated approach to wellness.

How do you manage to balance between womanhood, kids, home chores and then attending the conferences and then writing a book too?
A: I would like to give credit to my husband and my family who is a supporting pillar without which I could not have done all this.

As 2019 is approaching, what are your future plans for the upcoming year?
A: In 2019, I have plans of expanding into corporate wellness and spreading more awareness about nutrition.

How can people reach out to you?
A: You can reach us at:
Contact no: 9729990203

Rapid Fire round

Define success in one line.
A: Success is when I make a positive difference in somebody’s life.

If you were not in this field, what would have been the other option for you?
A: I would have been a gardener.

How many days did it take for you to write your book?
A: 6 months  

If you get an option to add one more designation to your profile, would you go for it or you are contented with all that’s in your plate.
A: I am contented but I would focus on expanding it.

What’s your most desirable dream?
A: Having a wellness center having all therapies Ayurveda, Yoga, Acupuncture, all the different integrated therapies available under one roof.

Little girls with dreams become woman with vision


Let's meet our local talent Rashmi Panikar
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Lets meet the person behind the melodious voice of title track for the famous serial in India named Tu Aashiqui  and many more songs, Rashmi Pankar. She has been learning Hindustani Classical since childhood from her father Mr. Pramod Panikar and  have done numerous ghazal / light music bollywood songs and  shows in Mumbai, India.She was also a play back singer for a Malayalam movie. Not only this, she also hosted multiple shows in the past and also got an opportunity to accompany Shaan Mukherjee as his host.

We got the privilege to interview her and know the inspiring story behind.

What inspired you to take the musical track in your life, were you inspired by someone in the family or was it an inborn talent?

A: I am fortunate enough to be a part of a musically inclined family; my father has been my role model. And at the age of 6, when I performed at an inauguration function, that ignited my spirits of taking this passion forward.

You have been a part of many reality contests  like Indian Idol, Sa Re Ga Ma to name a  few where thousands and thousands of people are watching you, how is the feeling, nervous or excited?

A: - As soon as I step on the stage and have a glimpse of the audience, my focus shifts to being positive and excited without losing my inclination from the music. That keeps me going. The challenges that came through, I looked at them as a part of my progress and kept practicing and learnt from all those situations. 

I am sure we have many people in our viewers who have this passion but they are not able to give wings to their passions, what message would you like to convey to them?

A: - My message to each one that firstly instead of trying to be like someone else, we should try to be our own self. Secondly practice is the most important key and everyday be consistent in your practice and keep going. 

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Believes in Commitment till the end. Never ever give up.

What three pieces of advice would you give to college students who want to become entrepreneurs? 

  1. Really think it through. Dreams are good but planning is better. 
  2. Commit till the end. Never ever give up (and never say never!) 
  3. Ensure you are surrounded with support. There's no "I" in Team, make sure you always have someone to lean on, because doing it all on your own is just too much. 
The restaurant business runs in our family and our degrees are in hospitality too. All of the above was prior to becoming entrepreneurs. So it wasn't so much a spark, but  seems more like destiny or fate  was inevitable.

Excluding yours, what company or business do you admire the most? 

Bailey Orthodontics.

The moment you walk in, you feel the positive energy pulsing from ever part of the practice. The entire team makes you feel welcome,  everyone is very warm, the process is very well organised and the end results are always fabulous, it's an all in all package deal. I cannot sing Dr. Bailey & his practice's praises enough, every single experience is flawless. Our entire family goes there and we can guarantee we will be lifetime customers - we'd even take our dog if they offered services for canines! 

What are your hobbies? What do you do in your non-work time?

We enjoy travelling and make it a point to leave the country with our kids at least once a year. We especially like discovering new countries and exposing ourselves to new cultures it's a great way to learn.

I thoroughly enjoy being creative and building memories through crafting scrapbooks & photobooks, when I have a spare moment (very rare nowdays!) On the other hand, Ravi in his spare time indulges in eating out, trying new cuisines and restaurants and watching movies to unwind. Together, we also love entertaining and spending quality time with our family and friends. 

What has been your most satisfying moment in business? 

Reading our first set of amazing reviews from customers when we opened Rodizio Grill. It really touched us and made us feel justified in doing what we do. 

What ignited the spark in you to start a business venture?

We've always been "foodies" and when we say "foodies" we mean we enjoy great tasting, delicious foods and a variety of dishes and meals. We're very social and naturally love welcoming guests.


The Ordinarily Extraordinary
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Gargi Duggal is an IT professional, a business owner, mother of 2 beautiful daughters, married since past 16 years and lives in the city of Plano, TX. She started dancing at the age of 2 years old. She is a trained professional dancer and has obtained bachelors degree in BharatNatyam: a classical Indian dance form. She has bagged many awards and accolades under her belt but the most recent and special award that she received was of Best Dancer at Dance USA Dance Dallas regional competition in April of 2018.  

She has been through an interesting journey of life from being one of the youngest to climb Himalayas Parvati Valley at the tender age of 5 years and 8 months to meeting with a sports accident at the age of 14 years to becoming a Best Dancer at DUD USA. Most interesting part is that her enthusiastic energy and motivation towards achieving what she wants in life has never changed. The dedication and hard work has led her to be an amazing person inside out with a heart that helps others in need by participating in charity events.  

Gargi was born in a small town called Nadiad in Gujarat state of India. Like any other child she was living a normal childhood; going to school, learning dance and playing sports. At the age of 14 years, she met with a sports accident and her right leg ACL was torn. Living in a small town, back in those days, there were neither any MRI nor X-Ray machines that could detect an ACL or a ligament tear. So she started living with it. Every now and then her leg used to dislocate (every time the leg dislocated, she used to have a blackout in front of her eyes and had to bring back her leg to its position). It became part of her life, but she never stopped dancing. 

As she migrated to the US and is living here since past 16 years, she met with another accident which dislocated her knee once again. That is when she decided to get MRI done. Based on the results,  she underwent an ACL reconstruction surgery about 2.5 years back. Post surgery she developed blood clots which took another downfall in her recovery time. After all the odds in life, she did not lose hope but fought through them. She not only started walking back again but has started full-fledged dancing once again with the Arya Dance Troupe and recently won the Best Dancer award at the DUD Dallas regional competition.  

Let's wish her all the very best in her dance journey as she is ready to compete in Gee Vision and Zee TV’s 3iii: International Indian Icon competition. She will be representing State of Texas at the national and international level. 

Gargi Duggal, is truly an inspiration to all age groups. Dedication and determination can lead to success and she has proved that for sure. Her story gives out a message of hard work, strength, courage and not to be a victim of stress and distress. Dream, Strive and Achieve is her mantra.

Stars on Earth (SOE)
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Stars on Earth (SOE) is a project run by students at the University of Texas at Dallas, with a goal of introducing students in developing nations to the field of computer science. We create curriculum to teach children how to code using Scratch, Python, and HTML.

Devanshi Padsala, the SOE President, moved from India to Dallas in 2014, and was amazed that she could choose her own classes at school. She was astounded at the amount of opportunity children in the US have and related it back home. She called a group of friends, and together we created a plan for this project.

Our main goal is to expose students to the field of computer science, so that they are aware of the reality of working in the field. Moreover, coding techniques have been proven to help develop critical thinking and analytical skills, which can also be applicable to other industries. Furthermore, coding can help students learn how to communicate ideas  effectively, improve overall academic performance, stimulate creativity, cultivate team-building skills, and develop logic.

Our plan is to connect with schools abroad and host workshops at these schools. During these workshops, students are shown videos online and follow along with an interactive packet. After the completion of the 4-5 week workshop, students work on a project to showcase the skills they have learnt. With the help of volunteers, we ensure that the workshop is merits student success! 

Currently, at Stars on Earth, we are working with a school in Gujarat, India and plan on expanding to El Salvador, Zambia,and many more! We have hopes to one day fundraise to give schools computers, Wi-Fi, and basic school supplies to ensure that all stars get the education that they deserve!

Heena Sampat Horizon Travel
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Watch Heena Sampat CEO, HORIZON TRAVEL & the Enterprising Women Of The Year Recipient