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Meet Mr. Pandey: Passionate Music Teacher
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Music Teacher Mr. Pandey
Robin Pandey leaned to play drum when he was only 4 years old and learned to play guitar, and keyboard when he was only 10 years old on his own. He received his bachelor degree from Northern Illinois University and MBA from New York Institute of Technology, and he worked as a professional for many years, and before he started his Apollo Performing Arts and Academy, he was a Program Manager in a reputable institute. He gave up his high paying job that was demanding him to travel to take care of his ill mother, and started teaching meditation, and he acquired many followers world wide for his spiritual teachings as Moksha Mukti and later started to teach music to children.

It’s been almost two years since Robin Pandey started to teach music after a former colleague requested him to teach his son how to play guitar, after Pandey performed in many company functions in Deewali and other office parties, and Moksha Mukti concert at the Curtain Club in Deep Ellum Dallas. He has already been to many Talent Shows such as America’s Got Talent, Xfactor, Voice, and performed his songs and music in many public establishments in Illinois, Washington DC, Kansas and Dallas. He sang his original song “Click Click Click” in front of thousands of people at the Lake Front Arena in New Orleans in front of Xfacor judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lavato, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio in 2013.

Pandey’s Western music program is three years long, but students can leave when they need to abiding with prior agreement. After three years in Pandey’s program he will work to place them in the national Talent Shows on TV. Currently, one student who has been in his program for two years is getting ready to go to the national talent shows next year. He also runs Apollo Talent Show that happens every 3 to 6 months, and he has already completed 4th Apollo Talent Show on May 19 2019 and is getting ready for the 5th Apollo Talent Show in the near future. You can see videos and pictures of Talent Show on Facebook page: and about his program at

Robin Pandey and Apollo Performing Arts and Academy received an honor certificate from the United States Senate signed by Senator Ted Cruz for participating at the Indian American Festival in Coppell organized by Indian American Council on May 4 2019. The program was covered by Telugu TV9, and other local newspapers.

Pandey says there are many benefit of music, it helps a student do better in Math and English, learn to interact with public confidently, reduce anxiety and stress, improve hand eye coordination and many more. Kids nowadays spend way too much time watching television and playing video games, and it could hamper some skills they need to learn to functional well in societies.

Currently, Apollo performing Arts and Academy is enrolling students for Summer classes and Summer camps. Apollo Performing Arts and Academy studio is in Frisco. Mailing address is P.O. Box 5655, Frisco, TX 75035. Currently, there are Apollo classes in Frisco, McKinney, Little Elm, Plano, and Irving, and online classes for children and adults.

Pandey can be reached at 469-616-1950 if you have any question.

Mumbai Local Kar : Women of New Age writter Sameer Jaokar
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When you think about the modern Indian working woman, the most probable image that you might see is that of a smart woman in her mid thirties or forties wearing a business suit, carrying a MK or LV bag. She wears just the right amount of makeup to not make it look loud. Nails are painted in one solid color and hair are tied up in a neat pony or bun. Her overall demeanor shouts out loud, “I mean business. I am not a flower vase that you can use to decorate your office.” 

Hats off to these women who stand up for themselves in a corporate world that was once dominated only by men until a few decades ago.

I visited Mumbai in August of 2016. I came across another kind of working Indian women. These women don’t work in the corporate world. They work in people’s houses as maids, helpers and caregivers. I personally feel they are the ignored lot. The corporate woman I described above probably has three maids at home. On giving it a little thought you will realize that the corporate woman can actually do her job and accomplish a lot in corporate world because she has these three other women helping her indirectly

Every woman has a story; be it a maid or a corporate woman or a home-maker. My parents are in their  seventies and they have two caregivers that work in two twelve hour shifts. The morning shift caregiver is Shobha (names have been changed for privacy reasons). Shobha has two sons, both of them are studying in college. One is in second year engineering and the other is pursuing his engineering while doing a part time job. Shobha’s husband suffers depression after coming back from gulf where he worked a few years. Shobha’s income is the main income to support the family. Making ends meet with her income is not an easy job yet Shobha does not give up. She dreams of a day when both her sons will become engineers and earn well.

The caregiver for the night shift is Savita. Savita’s husband is sick with liver disease that was caused due to excessive drinking. Savita has no kids, but the medical bills are more than any expenses that  kids could have incurred. Savita does not give up either, after finishing her duty at my parent’s house, she does another job in a shopping mall.

These are also hard working women of India that keep the economy rolling. They don’t need your sympathy, they need your empathy and kind words.

In India where the woman is expected to take care of the family and do household chores, it's not easy for woman to step out of the house and begin working. I salute all the working woman of India that take the bold step of working. Some do it because they don’t have another option, while some do it to help the household with extra income. And whoever said it’s easy to be a housewife, needs to rethink; that’s a full time job with no holidays or paycheck.


6 Myths About Senior Living Debunked With Real Truths!
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What exactly does the word 'senior living' mean to you? For most of the people in India 'senior living' is an old age home. A senior living space is so much more than just an old age home. It's a community for older people where they can live their life independently on their own terms. Unfortunately, it's not just the word the people are mistaken about; there are so many misconceptions about senior living that people still believe. We are here to clear away all those misconceptions and introduce to the reality of senior living. Let's see the truth behind those myths .

Myth 1: Senior living is for people who do not get along with children

Truth: This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there about Old age homes. People are quick to assume that such a place is only for parents who do not have a good relationship with their kids while that is far from the reality. People residing in these communities actually share a better relationship with their kids as they get to live their independent life and spend quality time with their kids simultaneously as opposed to living in the same house and barely spending any time together. Most of these communities have a very homely environment and are facilitated enough to allow the children and grandchildren of the residents to stay for extended period of time during holidays.

Myth 2:  Senior living is for really old people who need a lot of assistance

Truth: Most of the people who stay in these communities are physically fit enough to go about their daily lives without any assistance. As a matter of fact, people are healthier in these communities as they have activities to keep their mind and body fit. Every senior living community consists of a dedicated medical/ physiotherapy team who notice early signs of any issues and attend to it before it becomes a major medical condition. In addition to this, residents are surrounded by like-minded people and people of their age which encourages activities and engagements throughout the day.

Myth 3: People living in senior living communities lack independence and lose privacy

Truth:  For years, senior living homes have been portrayed in such a way that people actually believe that there is no provision for privacy and independence in these places. Well, we are more than happy to tell you that's far from the truth. While that might have been the case decades ago, that is not the reality of the current situation. Most of these places offer a complete home including a bedroom, living room, and bathroom to their residents. The residents can turn the place into their home by decorating it with family pictures and their favourite decoratives.

Myth 4:  Seniors are lonely in such communities, it's dull and depressing.

Truth: Independent senior living communities offer the opportunity for seniors to engage in their hobbies and interests, make new friends, build relationships that last for life. These places give the residents a chance to indulge in yoga, swimming, movies, and other activities that keep them occupied. Some of the homes even have classes and competitions for the residents.

Myth 5:  Moving Away from Family means no one will be around to help

Truth: It is absurd to think that a place like a senior living home lack when it comes to security and help. Pretty much every senior living home has stringent security measures including cctv cameras in and around the property, 24 hour security guards and staff. They will have a dedicated team for everything from healthcare professionals who offer medical aid to concierges who will run all errands, from booking tickets to paying bills.

Myth 6: The Meals provided are not healthy & Tasty

Truth: If you are one of those people who believe in this myth, a meal at a senior living home might change your mind. These places try their best to ensure that the residents are happy at their place and one of the best ways to do that is through good food. These communities provide nutritional meals based on a senior's 


REENA BANA - Founder Love & Justics 4 Humanity
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Worked on passing Sherin's Law, Providing a safer outlet for children with or without voices.   

I am a huge people person. I have spent the last decade fighting for women and children who do not have a voice or the strength to do it alone. This advocacy landed me in the arms of a Criminology field where I obtained Certifications in Criminology Profiling and Forensic Science. I am also certified in Human Trafficking and the Dark web through U.S. Attorney General.  

“My interest in this field took on a much serious course during the Sherin Mathews Murder Case.”

This case changed lives all around the world. This shook the foundation from my feet when my partner Shanna Poteet and I discovered that only 3 states have a law that punishes people for leaving children at home alone. We authored the law and named it after Sherin; “Sherin’s Law”. This law has grabbed international attention and captured the interest of government officials worldwide. We certainly did not anticipate so much attention, but it was warranted given the face of how important this law is thus the need for it to be passed. We are in the process of ironing out the law with various Representatives. We eventually want to make a push to make this law Federal. Going through my decade long journey and finally teaming with someone who shares the same passion and has the same drive, servants heart and self-motivated it was a natural step to unit under one banner which gave rise to our (Shana and My) non-profit.  Love & Justice for Humanity.

When I am not fighting the world for Justice, I am your everyday South Asian woman raising 2 children who have been the highlight of my life and a Husband who is ever so supportive. Many have asked me about my career choice and I always tell them if it wasn’t because of my husband, I would have never been able to come this far. Today, with God’s blessing and my husband’s support, I can fight for those beautiful children and women who have no one and no voice to seek justice. In my free time, which is very minimal, I love to watch documentaries, read, do research, play with my children, workout and travel. I also love to cook and feed my husband who is on an everlasting diet. Now we all know that desi diet don’t we. 

My goal in life is to raise the bar on awareness of Abuse and Neglect. Abuse happens in many forms, it happens all around us it happens to people of all sexes and all ages. I want to enable others starting from my community and then around the globe. I feel I have an innate ability to understand people not by just listening to them but reading between the lines. I am trained and experienced in identifying types/levels of Abuse and Neglect that I want to share and help others understand with withstand. Everyone I meet and everywhere I go I always say, “if you see something, say something”. Don’t be afraid, or feel alone, don’t leave it to someone else, voice your concern, make a statement you don’t know if or when you will be changing someone’s life for the better, it could be your own. 

Finally, I love meeting new people and learning new things. Please say hello and share a story with me if you ever see me around.

With lots of love, 

Reena Bana - Founder


Stars on Earth (SOE)
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Stars on Earth (SOE) is a project run by students at the University of Texas at Dallas, with a goal of introducing students in developing nations to the field of computer science. We create curriculum to teach children how to code using Scratch, Python, and HTML.

Devanshi Padsala, the SOE President, moved from India to Dallas in 2014, and was amazed that she could choose her own classes at school. She was astounded at the amount of opportunity children in the US have and related it back home. She called a group of friends, and together we created a plan for this project.

Our main goal is to expose students to the field of computer science, so that they are aware of the reality of working in the field. Moreover, coding techniques have been proven to help develop critical thinking and analytical skills, which can also be applicable to other industries. Furthermore, coding can help students learn how to communicate ideas  effectively, improve overall academic performance, stimulate creativity, cultivate team-building skills, and develop logic.

Our plan is to connect with schools abroad and host workshops at these schools. During these workshops, students are shown videos online and follow along with an interactive packet. After the completion of the 4-5 week workshop, students work on a project to showcase the skills they have learnt. With the help of volunteers, we ensure that the workshop is merits student success! 

Currently, at Stars on Earth, we are working with a school in Gujarat, India and plan on expanding to El Salvador, Zambia,and many more! We have hopes to one day fundraise to give schools computers, Wi-Fi, and basic school supplies to ensure that all stars get the education that they deserve!

Green Rhino: Story of Passion, Perseverance
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As two California natives who sold everything to start their dream and bring Green Rhino to life. We quickly found ourselves in a situation that almost broke us back to nothing. After creating a safe, green cleaning product for my wife who suffers with eczema, and asthma. As she had suffered from using harsh bleaches to care for her Father before he passed. Jennifer realized the product had the potential to help others with similar allergies by offering a way to clean hard areas, as well as daily things without irritating their skin. After searching for a lab, it looked like they had finally found their answer. Excitedly, they sold everything even their car, and moved to Texas.

It began to look promising as Jennifer began to form her corporation, and the lab we became affiliated with delivered the first sample of the formula they provided. However, after a few short weeks their partner refused to complete the obligation of his half, and with all their money spent. The partner then refused to pay them the money they had earned under his company and suddenly the Hale's, and their American Bulldog “Billie Girl” became homeless in a new and now very scary city.

Beyond any imaginary thought process, with no home for their son to come out to and their dreams looking like they were destroyed. They could only find strength in one place, and they sank to their knees in prayer. Asking for the strength to praise Him in this mess and saying we trust you no matter what. Somehow, without reason, people they had never spoken too called them via Facebook and set a meeting for a chemist who shared similar beliefs, and they thought it might be a good fit. 

With only $102 dollars in their pockets, with everything they owned on the streets; Chris & Jennifer marched in together right after praying for favor. We still aren't sure how this little company has sold well over a  half-million dollars and become vendors for Region 7 Co-Op and Canyon ISD, or Sunbelt Rentals and how Bonvera has picked the product up for retail in less than 3 years. Never forgetting their experiences, they started “Project: My Backyard” as a way to reach back out to those who need us the most.

In the beginning all they could afford were a few bags of food, now giving away hygiene bags that have everything from socks to toothpaste and deodorant and razors and so much more. Every quarter, or close to it, Green Rhino becomes Project: My Backyard and they help out like for instance last January giving away over 250 jackets and helping almost a dozen people find jobs. They have personally reached out and helped over a thousand people, with dreams of building a shelter that will offer free job/vocational training and help with finding employment so we can help people on the streets get back on their feet. We believe by others purchasing Green Rhino, a better product on many levels we can not only improve your home or office, but we can also create the change and help our neighborhoods become safer. Someone hungry can become desperate and by helping people when they feel they are worthless, helping them to care about themselves, getting them to try again. It is the most powerful feeling in the world because you aren't talking about it, you are doing it. 

As a young company who is on a mission to grow into a sustainable way to fund a charity without donation. We would humbly request that if you are able to give us a like, and a share on Facebook, it would mean a lot to us as we continue to offer a great product, and “supply hygiene & hope to those who need us the most™. “ Thank you. 


Good and Bad Stress ?
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In this article we will explore more about mental stress. How we can distinguish between a good stress and a bad stress. Importantly, how we can reduce it or control it?

Mental stress is a simply a force or a pressure on our brain. There are two types of it, good stress and bad stress. Time and situation are the key players to differentiate good stress from the bad one. For example, just like holding a glass of water for few moments would cause no pain in our arm while holding the same glass of water for few hours would make our arm hurt. In the same way, good stress is our mind's natural ability to ght or ight in an ideal stressful situation and at an appropriate period of time while bad stress is the constant pressure on our mind at an inappropriate time and without the presence of an ideal stressful situation. 

Good stress is essential for all living beings to sustain their lives. While bad stress is something that takes away the joy, beauty and ecstasy of life while we are alive. 

Good stress is the tension created by our mind while we are actively handling any physical or mental task. For example, imagine yourself at the airport, short of time and trying to gure out what would be the fastest way to reach your gate. Or imagine you just hear that your tea is boiling over in the kitchen from your living room. Or imagine an impala running very fast to save his life from a tiger that is few feet behind him. In above cases, all three individuals would go through a very high stress levels but the stress here is actually a good stress because there is a presence of an ideal stressful situation and above individuals would go through stressful situations for an appropriate period of time. Once the situation is under control or over the good stress would elevate by itself and leaves us relaxed and free minded. Even through the outcome is not desirable at all;the good stress wouldelevate by itself and leave us free minded after the situation is over. 

Another good example of good stress is a cricket match or a football match. Players are under consistence stress during the match but as match is over both winning and losing sides appeared to be relaxed and mentally out of that intense stressful situation. This is the reason we love to watch sports. We as an audience also feel the effects of good stress on our bodies and minds and then the relaxing effects of light-mindedness after the match is over

Good stress is very important for us. It keeps us motivated, energetic, fights depression and most importantly it keeps us alive. 

Bad stress on the other hand is simply a habit of mind to keep holding high stress levels at an inappropriate timeand without any existence of an ideal stressful situation. For example, its 11 o clock at night you are laying in your bed to get some good sleep but your mind is creating scenarios in your head,one after another and then looking for solutions to those scenarios, the process seems to be never ending. Or you had a bad argument at work or at home few days ago but your mind is still holding that tense situation in your thoughts. This chain of thoughts often becomes very long and becomes very heavy. For some, few drinks of alcohol or drugs are the only weapons left to break that long heavy chain of thoughts and to freed up the mind and make the mindfeel little lighter and relaxed.

Bad stress is not adisease infect it's a habit of mind. We have to break this habit by developing a new good habit that would eventually replaces the old self-developed bad one. Here is one good practice that can be very helpful if practiced in the right way with dedication. The rule is that whenever you see anything of white color, immediately check what's going on in your mind. Is my mind is engaged in any thought or thinking? If yes, then at the same moment and same spot, drop all the thoughts from your mind, no matter how urgent or important they are.

Now, you just achieved the thought-free or blissful state of mind. Now, shift your focus from that white object towards your breathing and very importantly remind yourself while inhaling and exhaling, “ Breath is THE most precious thing I have “. Truly, every single breath is the most precious thing we have. The moment it stops your family is no longer yours, your wealth is no longer your and even your body is no longer your. Not a billion dollar can purchase us a single breath.

Initial goal is to hold this free state of mind for few moments. Once your brain is cooled down with the multiple hits of oxygen then go back to what you were doing. Repeat this again; as you see another object of white color, it could be indoors or outdoors, near or at distance. Do it until it becomes a habit. Remember, for beginners the goal is few moments. People who excel deep into this practice can easily achieve pure Samadhi. 

Many people agree that their mind keeps wandering all the time and sadly they justify this bad habit of mind by believing that consistently working mind would lower their chances of failing in life thus its okay for mind to stay busy at all the times. Or they would claim that stress is just a part of the western world and we are all going through it. Sadly, above are all the misconceptions regarding bad stress and are not true. 

If you feel that you are under bad stress on and off or consistently then I would encourage you to start practice right away. These small thought free gaps will eventually becomes wider and eventually replaces the old selfdeveloped wandering habit of mind. In the beginning you will notice that your sleep patterns becomes longer and intense, which is normal and let it happen. If practiced with dedication and as a priority, you will start to feel lightmindedness from day one and start to experience the blissfulness of life right away.