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The Ordinarily Extraordinary
Gargi Duggal   Jul-2018   2544 Views   0 Comments
Gargi Duggal is an IT professional, a business owner, mother of 2 beautiful daughters, married since past 16 years and lives in the city of Plano, TX. She started dancing at the age of 2 years old. She is a trained professional dancer and has obtained bachelors degree in BharatNatyam: a classical Indian dance form. She has bagged many awards and accolades under her belt but the most recent and special award that she received was of Best Dancer at Dance USA Dance Dallas regional competition in April of 2018.  

She has been through an interesting journey of life from being one of the youngest to climb Himalayas Parvati Valley at the tender age of 5 years and 8 months to meeting with a sports accident at the age of 14 years to becoming a Best Dancer at DUD USA. Most interesting part is that her enthusiastic energy and motivation towards achieving what she wants in life has never changed. The dedication and hard work has led her to be an amazing person inside out with a heart that helps others in need by participating in charity events.  

Gargi was born in a small town called Nadiad in Gujarat state of India. Like any other child she was living a normal childhood; going to school, learning dance and playing sports. At the age of 14 years, she met with a sports accident and her right leg ACL was torn. Living in a small town, back in those days, there were neither any MRI nor X-Ray machines that could detect an ACL or a ligament tear. So she started living with it. Every now and then her leg used to dislocate (every time the leg dislocated, she used to have a blackout in front of her eyes and had to bring back her leg to its position). It became part of her life, but she never stopped dancing. 

As she migrated to the US and is living here since past 16 years, she met with another accident which dislocated her knee once again. That is when she decided to get MRI done. Based on the results,  she underwent an ACL reconstruction surgery about 2.5 years back. Post surgery she developed blood clots which took another downfall in her recovery time. After all the odds in life, she did not lose hope but fought through them. She not only started walking back again but has started full-fledged dancing once again with the Arya Dance Troupe and recently won the Best Dancer award at the DUD Dallas regional competition.  

Let's wish her all the very best in her dance journey as she is ready to compete in Gee Vision and Zee TV’s 3iii: International Indian Icon competition. She will be representing State of Texas at the national and international level. 

Gargi Duggal, is truly an inspiration to all age groups. Dedication and determination can lead to success and she has proved that for sure. Her story gives out a message of hard work, strength, courage and not to be a victim of stress and distress. Dream, Strive and Achieve is her mantra.

Stars on Earth (SOE)
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Stars on Earth (SOE) is a project run by students at the University of Texas at Dallas, with a goal of introducing students in developing nations to the field of computer science. We create curriculum to teach children how to code using Scratch, Python, and HTML.

Devanshi Padsala, the SOE President, moved from India to Dallas in 2014, and was amazed that she could choose her own classes at school. She was astounded at the amount of opportunity children in the US have and related it back home. She called a group of friends, and together we created a plan for this project.

Our main goal is to expose students to the field of computer science, so that they are aware of the reality of working in the field. Moreover, coding techniques have been proven to help develop critical thinking and analytical skills, which can also be applicable to other industries. Furthermore, coding can help students learn how to communicate ideas  effectively, improve overall academic performance, stimulate creativity, cultivate team-building skills, and develop logic.

Our plan is to connect with schools abroad and host workshops at these schools. During these workshops, students are shown videos online and follow along with an interactive packet. After the completion of the 4-5 week workshop, students work on a project to showcase the skills they have learnt. With the help of volunteers, we ensure that the workshop is merits student success! 

Currently, at Stars on Earth, we are working with a school in Gujarat, India and plan on expanding to El Salvador, Zambia,and many more! We have hopes to one day fundraise to give schools computers, Wi-Fi, and basic school supplies to ensure that all stars get the education that they deserve!

Heena Sampat Horizon Travel
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Watch Heena Sampat CEO, HORIZON TRAVEL & the Enterprising Women Of The Year Recipient 


Dallas Professional Women s Organization (DPWO)
Toppick Media Editor   Nov-2019   291 Views   0 Comments

TopPick Media attended the kick-off event of #2019PowerPanel hosted by Dallas Professional Women s Organization (DPWO) focusing on Inclusion in the Workplace on November 14. 

With roots in Houston, a spark was ignited by Amber Jamshed, Founder of Houston Professional Women Organziation (HPWO) to bring together women of all professions and businesses into a single platform, a forum very passionate about promoting, celebrating and empowering women and youth regardless of the city they live in. After it's tremendous success in Houston, Amber Jamshed in collaboration with Irum  Jones decided to expand to Dallas.

The inaugural event held at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse was a tremendous success and Dallas Ambassador Irum Jones shared this message post event "Our hope is that you were able to make great connections at the event for your business, workforce, non-profit and/or existing platforms because our goal is simple: connect, collaborate and celebrate (and we did just!)”

DPWO shared these stats that came about in less than 24 hours of the event taking place: 

 - Over 30,000 views by 11 PM CST thanks to our Print & Air

    partners TopPickMedia & Radio Caravan

 - Our amazing Panelists provided great insight and

   generated 250+ unique content that is being translated

   into  8 different languages: Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic,

   Gujarati, Spanish, Brazilian - Portuguese, Vietnamese

   and English 

 - 25 local non-profits and community groups attended 

 - 129 small business owners/ professionals attended 

 - 5 local civic servants from 2 different political parties


 - Over 30 different countries were represented 

 - Over 16 different religions were in attendance 

 - The program was held in 100% English 

"You might be wondering, what does this all mean... It means we're ready to dive into deep conversations about inclusion - and we are so thankful that the change leaders and the community feels the same way!"       - Irum Rashid.