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Food Recipe: Turmeric & Cumin Infused Veggies
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Cooking Method : 

Prep Time : 10 minutes  |  Cooking time: 15 minutes

Recipe yield: 4 servings*

* Per serving (3/4 th Cup):  

Calories: 36

Carbs: 6 gm Protein: 1 gm Fat: 1gm Fiber: 2gm

Ingredients & Materials:

3 cups Organic Mixed Veggies | 1 tsp Ghee  |  ½ teaspoon turmeric  |  ½ teaspoon Cumin Seeds  |  1 large saucepan  |  1 lid to cover  |  1 wooden ladle  |  Stove


1. Take 2 cups Frozen Organic Mixed Veggies. Defrost or bring to Room Temperature or You can separately cut, wash and prep veggies such as broccoli, Cauliflower and carrots and keep aside.

2. Next put the sauce pan on the stove, keep the heat on medium. Add ghee, next add cumin seeds. Let them sizzle for few seconds, the add turmeric.

4. Make sure the spices don’t burn. Reduce the heat to low if needed.

5. Add mixed veggies and sauté.

6. Add salt to taste and mix well.

7. Add ¼ cup water and cover the saucepan with the lid, reduce the heat to medium.

Watch for the water content. After cooking on medium to low for 15 mins, open the lid and gently stir

8. Check if veggies are cooked or you may cook them for additional 5 minutes.

9. Serve hot with Cooked Quinoa or Brown rice or wild rice and Dal (Lentil Soup) to complete the meal.


Interesting ways to prevent fruits from turning brow
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1. Simple and easy tricks

When it comes to the kitchen, the issues are endless and a few of them are so regular that we desperately look for an easy and quick solution. And among those issues is, the problem of fruits turning brown. This happens with fruits that are rich in iron. When you fresh-cut such fruits (like apple) the internal cells are damaged. And when those damaged cells are exposed to air, they react and result in the formation of an enzyme called polyphenol, causing iron oxide to form a layer. Here are some easy and effective solutions to get rid of the problem.

2. Use cold water

After slicing the fruits, you expose them to oxygen and the best way to stop the process is to soak them in cold water. Make sure that they are fully soaked, not partially.

3. Soak in salt water

According to food experts, it is suggested to soak the fresh-cut fruits in salt-water solution for 3-5 minutes. For the solution, you need to add ½ teaspoon of white salt to per quart of water.

4. Wrap using a rubber band

Slice them, and then again reposition in the original shape and wrap them tightly with the help of a rubber band. Make sure that the cut part is not exposed to air.

5. Use fresh lemon juice

Another interesting way to prevent fruits from turning brown is to dip them in fresh lemon juice. According to experts, fresh juices that contain citric acid help slow the enzymatic reaction and as a result, fruits don’t turn brown.

6. Soak in ginger ale

You can also use ginger ale or any soda with citric acid to prevent fresh-cut fruits from turning brown. Use of soda might hamper the taste of fruit, so in order to balance it; you can sprinkle some white sugar to reduce the effect.

7. Use readymade air-tight sealed bags

If you are too lazy to play around with the above-mentioned ideas, you can invest in readily available air-tight sealed plastic bags to protect the fresh-cut fruits.

8. Sprinkle ascorbic acid powder

Wondering what it is? Well, it is a vitamin C powder that is easily available at any health food store. You can simply, sprinkle the powder on the fresh-cut fruits and keep them covered at room temperature or can also refrigerate.



Bite-sized food to hold and cherish, but not eat!
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It all started while she was working as a sound engineer. During her free time, Shilpa Mitha, would try 3D quilling, which was only a hobby for her back then. Today, she is an instagram sensation with as many as 13.9k followers on her Instagram page where she keeps uploading pictures of food miniatures that she makes. Now, Shilpa is so glued to it that she had to give up her profession as a sound engineer to pursue this full-time. Papeta par eeda, Parsi food, chai, keema pav, crispy dosas, vadas, idly, vada pav, fish fry, samosa, dahi, pani puri, donuts... you name it, she will get it done for you in the miniature format.

Ask her how she got hooked on to this, and Shilpa says that art is in her genes as her mother is also a craft teacher. “Probably, I would have picked up my interest in art from my mother,” she says, adding, “As a kid, I used to enjoy art classes, but I never thought of making it my profession. The first thing that my mother taught me was to make a burger using clay. She taught me how to make different shapes out of clay and also taught me to add colours. I was fascinated by it and suggested that she add a bit of cheese and tomato to it; of course, using clay.”

When she surfed online, Shilpa came across a lot of food miniature artists abroad, but not many from India. “I hardly saw any miniatures on Indian food items. Whenever people travel abroad, they buy souvenirs to gift people. That’s when I had this idea of making miniatures of south Indian breakfast items, and having them as souvenirs. These kind of souvenirs talk a lot about our lifestyle and culture,” says Shilpa.

It was almost seven years ago that Shilpa got serious about making miniatures, and even went to Malaysia to professionally learn making figurines. She says, “Initially, I didn’t have any expectations. Earlier, when I had wanted to be a musician and had dreams of making it big, I always ended up comparing myself to others and felt dissatisfied with what I had achieved. On the other hand, when I started doing miniatures, I knew that I didn’t have many others to compare myself with as there was little competition. So, making these miniatures kept me happy and slowly became my profession, too.”

According to Shilpa, each of these food pieces is completely handmade. “It takes a lot of time to make them because these are so tiny. At times, I use tools like toothpick or needle to work on the detailing. There are times when I have worked for 15 hours at a stretch. You need to have good eyesight and a lot of patience to practise this art form,” she says.

maintain the authenticity of the food item, Shilpa says she’s very particular about the size and quantity of each of the ingredients she uses. “I have to keep all the measurement in mind, including colours and size. I make the ingredients separately and then put them all together. I use acrylic and oil paint to colour my food.”

customers are based out of Chennai and Bengaluru. “The South Indian breakfast attracts customers in these two regions, but now, I have started getting enquiries from people from Kerala, Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Odisha, too. And social media plays a big role in it,” she signs off.


This Old Grandpa cooking food for kids in YouTube is a hero to many.
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YouTuber grandpa is becoming viral these days on the internet for his kindness and inspiring cooking videos where Grandpa cooks huge servings of food to feed the orphans in his place.

With his contagious smile, grandpa shows us how to make huge servings of our favourite food like pizza, chocolate cake and many others. Grandpa’s viral videos that shows him cooking for the orphan children has almost millions of views. But more than these millions of views, grandpa’s supporters usually comment on how heart- arming the videos are.

It shows how simple food that we normally eat everyday are eagerly awaited by the orphans. It also proves that being a hero doesn’t need any age or status in life as, it only needs a big heart. The thing that makes Grandpa special is that he does not cook your regular dal-chawal on the name of charity, the YouTube star prepared dishes that are not made available to the poor kids such as a giant chicken-cheese pizza for 100 children, Crispy Chicken hamburger, Chocolate cake, French fries, Macaroni and Cheese. With the help of his son who usually shoots the video, uses the donations and subscription money to purchase the food.

Grandpa Kitchen already has close to 500,000 followers on their YouTube channel and 50,000 on their Facebook page. Grandpa says that he loves cooking and cooking on YouTube is spreading a great message. All of these videos bank on the nativity factor to grab eyeballs. The greenery, open fire and birdsong in the background are definite draws and trust us these people not only garner followers from India followers but they also have people watching them and appreciating their work from all around the world.


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