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When you think about the modern Indian working woman, the most probable image that you might see is that of a smart woman in her mid thirties or forties wearing a business suit, carrying a MK or LV bag. She wears just the right amount of makeup to not make it look loud. Nails are painted in one solid color and hair are tied up in a neat pony or bun. Her overall demeanor shouts out loud, “I mean business. I am not a flower vase that you can use to decorate your office.” 

Hats off to these women who stand up for themselves in a corporate world that was once dominated only by men until a few decades ago.

I visited Mumbai in August of 2016. I came across another kind of working Indian women. These women don’t work in the corporate world. They work in people’s houses as maids, helpers and caregivers. I personally feel they are the ignored lot. The corporate woman I described above probably has three maids at home. On giving it a little thought you will realize that the corporate woman can actually do her job and accomplish a lot in corporate world because she has these three other women helping her indirectly

Every woman has a story; be it a maid or a corporate woman or a home-maker. My parents are in their  seventies and they have two caregivers that work in two twelve hour shifts. The morning shift caregiver is Shobha (names have been changed for privacy reasons). Shobha has two sons, both of them are studying in college. One is in second year engineering and the other is pursuing his engineering while doing a part time job. Shobha’s husband suffers depression after coming back from gulf where he worked a few years. Shobha’s income is the main income to support the family. Making ends meet with her income is not an easy job yet Shobha does not give up. She dreams of a day when both her sons will become engineers and earn well.

The caregiver for the night shift is Savita. Savita’s husband is sick with liver disease that was caused due to excessive drinking. Savita has no kids, but the medical bills are more than any expenses that  kids could have incurred. Savita does not give up either, after finishing her duty at my parent’s house, she does another job in a shopping mall.

These are also hard working women of India that keep the economy rolling. They don’t need your sympathy, they need your empathy and kind words.

In India where the woman is expected to take care of the family and do household chores, it's not easy for woman to step out of the house and begin working. I salute all the working woman of India that take the bold step of working. Some do it because they don’t have another option, while some do it to help the household with extra income. And whoever said it’s easy to be a housewife, needs to rethink; that’s a full time job with no holidays or paycheck.

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