TOPPICK TRENDZ - By the Mother-Daughter Duo, Gargi and Pranika Duggal

Gargi Duggal Nov 02, 2018 691 Views   0 Comments
The fashion industry recently saw New York, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks rightly followed by Lakme Fashion Week. Millennialswere struck with jaw-dropping looks. May it be western, Indian or fusionstyles we've got you covered for the upcoming festive season. We are bringing the latest color trends from the runway to your closet

It's about time for you all to stroll around the boutiques and start filling your wardrobe with the most essential looks for the upcoming festive season!!

Hot Red – *PANTONE 19-1664 TPX: a sizzlingbright red, natural red chili color.
Emblem of sensuality, perfect for any occasion. May it be wedding, religious event or just a clubbing night out with friends, red is the color to wear if you want to look sexy and stylish. Red is exuberant if worn from head to toe, or as a creative detail. Always wear light jewelry so you are emphasizing the dress more than the jewelry. Accessories should not over power you. No need to wear contrast jackets or scarfs, try and wear same color to pop out red even more.

Fuchsia Pink – *PANTONE 17-2031 TPX: a purple side of pink, natural fuchsia plantflower color.
Sophisticated color that invokes female charm.One can look festive in fuchsia pink outfits, may it be pant suits or formal dresses, may it be chiffon gowns or trendy jackets, fuchsia is the color to wear during festive occasions. No over powering jewelry or accessories, go light on accessories when you wear fuchsia pink outfits. Contrast jackets, shoes, and hand bags will enhance your look even more.

Spicy Mustard – *PANTONE 14-0952 TCX: a spicy shade of yellow, natural crushed mustard color.
Fall's symbolic hue perfect for any occasion. Wear this color to a party, a casualouting or simply at work, you will be noticed by all around you. Create an earthen look by pairing it up with browns. Tasseled jewelry will spice up your look. Contrast shoes or sandals will compliment this color. Follow the same rules while choosing jackets, scarfs and hand bags.

Mellow Rose – *PANTONE 15-1515 TPX: a gentle pink tone, natural rose color.
Pastel tone that can add character to a statement or an intricate outfit. Accessorize it with serpentine or crocodile print boots or just wear solid browns. Furry Coats or scarfs will enhance your look even more. Chunky metal jewelry will make the look dressier. Wear chiffons/ crepes dresses with pleats or ruffles. Long and short dresses will both look trendy.

Deep Blue – *PANTONE 19-3847 TPX: a subdued tint, natural deep-sea color.
The color that never screams out loud, deep blue will make you look charming and gorgeous anytime of the year. Depending on the occasion wear chunky or light jewelry. Wear silver jewelry if planning to wear metal. You can wear different shades of shoes or sandals or wear the matching color shoes based on your preference. Carry metallic color bags if you want to create a bold statement.

Burgundy – *PANTONE 19-1617 TCX: a deep,omni present huejust like the famous wine.
Royal is the synonym for this color, ideal to enhance velvet, tulle and satin. Wear it to any festive occasion you surely will be the talk of the party. Chunky jewelry with stones or metal will make you look fancy and rich. Accessorize with plaid or solid colored boots and carry a bag of your choice based on the occasion. Carry a clutch for formal or festive parties and wear sling bags for casual outings. Do not forget to wrap a fancy contrast colored scarf and jacket to add more life to your look.

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