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Not too long ago, Punjab, one of the wealthiest states in Indian Union at the time, was heralded as the crown Jewel of India. In as early as 2004, Punjab was ranked as the "Second Richest" in India with per capita income of Rs. 25,652. But unfortunately, as is widely believed, some greedy Punjab Politicians have brought this fastest growing state to the slowest in the country. During year 2011-12. Punjab's growth rate slowed to 5.79 pcrcent-the lowest in the last five years of Badal Government. The inherent edge of skilled manpower and entrepreneurial skills the Punjab had been praised for having 10 years ago when there was much excitement over its vast potential in the manufacturing & service sector, no longer exists. According to recent surveys about 70% of Punjabi youth in the age group of 15 to 25 years have fallen prey to the drug menace. Roughly 60 per cent of all illicit Drugs confiscated in India are seized in Punjab. Surprisingly some prominent Punjab politicians are accused of nexuses with Pakistan in trafficking drugs. This unholy Drug Cartel has successfully carried out Pakistan's mission of making Punjabis, well known warriors, addict of this poison & ruining the life of "Gabru jawans of Punjab". Pakistani Guns could not shatter the courage of Border area Punjabis known as "India's first line of Defense", but it successfully did with the continuous supply of drugs with the suspected connivance of Punjab Politicians.

When I left Punjab for foreign land in 1972, as I mentioned earlier, Punjab was the most prosperous State in India and now it has become virtually a bankrupt state, thanks to the corrupt politicians who have looted Punjab's wealth with both hands. It was shocking to hear about some streets in Amritsar are called "Street of widows" where all the male members have died of drug consumption. Present Government, instead of taking some concrete steps to stop the flow of drugs & punishing the traffickers, shamelessly busy in hiding their involvement & defending themselves. Amazingly as per available figures, Punjab Government have issued more liquor licenses than opening public schools for the children.

Heroin is the drug that is causing most concern in the region. There authorities take a tough stance on borderline security, but despite this the drug continues to flood into the area. The profits to be made are high and corruption is believed to be rife. Most of the heroin going through Punjab ends up in the rest of the continent, but the fact there is such a high appetite for the drug locally means that smugglers have an easy market to exploit this.

Recently I had the privilege to meet and address the Sarpanches from more than 10 villages in "Nanoke" in Tehsil Ajnala on August 30, Sunday, who promised all kind of help in making people aware of perils of Drugs. They also promised help to stop distribution of Drugs. One Sarpanch even offered reward money of Rs. 10,000. if any one catch any body between the ages of 15 to 25 consuming drugs in his village. The response from the villagers was very encouraging because there is no dearth of Punjabis who love Punjab and want to see this Drug menace which has defamed Punjab and ruined very high percentage ol families.

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