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RK Panditi who is a true service oriented individual and has made a difference in the community services. CEO and President of Felix Technologies USA, Inc. was involved with Diwali Mela from day one and was instrumental in many ways to make the Mela successful with the team of people who were volunteering in the Mela.

a. Background and connections in various projects of RK Panditi for over three decades are as follows

b. As President and Chairman Board of Trustees in TANTEX (Telugu Association of North Texas) has started the Life Membership and became the first Life Member of the organization. As President of TANTEX, RK Panditi has done a lot of Projects and events with the help of his team of executive members.

c. In DFW Hindu Temple he was instrumental as President of the Temple in many Community projects.

d. NATA (North American Telugu Association) has awarded him as National Excellence Community Leader Award for his dedication to the Society zation where he was instrumental in helping to organize lot of events locally.

e. As a community leader, he has gone out of the way to help make many organizations n getting lot of booth sponsorships.

f. Telugu Entrepreneurs Association where he has involved in various projects, with his Advice, support and co-ordination every project was very successful. His concept of phrase was used in the organization “Networking is better than not Working”.

g. RK Panditi has coordinated in bringing Srinivasa Kalyanam from Tirupathi to Dallas and was attended by the largest crowd ever attended in DFW for a religious event like that. 

RK Panditi believed in a well quoted phrase by his father “Have a selfish interest to serve selflessly”. His desire of travelling around the world with an aim of 29 countries was fulfilled many years ago. He has coordinated more than 125 Arengatrams, Rangapravesams, and more classical dances. Man with a mission of making a difference in the society. 

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