Meet Highest Award Winner SHAWKAT MOHAMMED

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Shawkat Mohammed with 13 yrs of experience choose his career to make a positive impact in the community. He believes successful advisors are not only interested in gaining a deep understanding  of their clients’ lives, they’re prepared to ask for help in bringing a solution to a client. Born in Hyderabad, Shawkat Mohammed has always been over achiever. Following his trend he has been awarded a prestigious Million Dollar Round Table recognition.

“ Million Dollar Round Table” an international organization recognizes the members that are committed to providing exemplary client service while displaying high standard for ethics and professional knowledge. There are only top 5% of the successful professionals from around the world who are in this list, Shawkat Mohammed is among the list of Top of the Table member of the organization. 

He has been the recipient of numerous industry awards including Top of the Table  (T.O.T). He has qualified for Executive Council member for making an impact in the community each year.  

Shawkat Mohammed achieved the highest satisfaction rating from the National Association of insurance and financial advisor(NAIFA). 

Shawkat Mohammed being humble and caring in nature his natural drive to selflessly help towards the betterment of the community. He is a man with big heart, very much involve with any kind of charity. He gained his respect by pure hard work and integrity

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