Let's meet our local talent Rashmi Panikar

Neetu Rishi Nov 02, 2018 488 Views   0 Comments
Lets meet the person behind the melodious voice of title track for the famous serial in India named Tu Aashiqui  and many more songs, Rashmi Pankar. She has been learning Hindustani Classical since childhood from her father Mr. Pramod Panikar and  have done numerous ghazal / light music bollywood songs and  shows in Mumbai, India.She was also a play back singer for a Malayalam movie. Not only this, she also hosted multiple shows in the past and also got an opportunity to accompany Shaan Mukherjee as his host.

We got the privilege to interview her and know the inspiring story behind.

What inspired you to take the musical track in your life, were you inspired by someone in the family or was it an inborn talent?

A: I am fortunate enough to be a part of a musically inclined family; my father has been my role model. And at the age of 6, when I performed at an inauguration function, that ignited my spirits of taking this passion forward.

You have been a part of many reality contests  like Indian Idol, Sa Re Ga Ma to name a  few where thousands and thousands of people are watching you, how is the feeling, nervous or excited?

A: - As soon as I step on the stage and have a glimpse of the audience, my focus shifts to being positive and excited without losing my inclination from the music. That keeps me going. The challenges that came through, I looked at them as a part of my progress and kept practicing and learnt from all those situations. 

I am sure we have many people in our viewers who have this passion but they are not able to give wings to their passions, what message would you like to convey to them?

A: - My message to each one that firstly instead of trying to be like someone else, we should try to be our own self. Secondly practice is the most important key and everyday be consistent in your practice and keep going. 

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