6 Myths About Senior Living Debunked With Real Truths!

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What exactly does the word 'senior living' mean to you? For most of the people in India 'senior living' is an old age home. A senior living space is so much more than just an old age home. It's a community for older people where they can live their life independently on their own terms. Unfortunately, it's not just the word the people are mistaken about; there are so many misconceptions about senior living that people still believe. We are here to clear away all those misconceptions and introduce to the reality of senior living. Let's see the truth behind those myths .

Myth 1: Senior living is for people who do not get along with children

Truth: This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there about Old age homes. People are quick to assume that such a place is only for parents who do not have a good relationship with their kids while that is far from the reality. People residing in these communities actually share a better relationship with their kids as they get to live their independent life and spend quality time with their kids simultaneously as opposed to living in the same house and barely spending any time together. Most of these communities have a very homely environment and are facilitated enough to allow the children and grandchildren of the residents to stay for extended period of time during holidays.

Myth 2:  Senior living is for really old people who need a lot of assistance

Truth: Most of the people who stay in these communities are physically fit enough to go about their daily lives without any assistance. As a matter of fact, people are healthier in these communities as they have activities to keep their mind and body fit. Every senior living community consists of a dedicated medical/ physiotherapy team who notice early signs of any issues and attend to it before it becomes a major medical condition. In addition to this, residents are surrounded by like-minded people and people of their age which encourages activities and engagements throughout the day.

Myth 3: People living in senior living communities lack independence and lose privacy

Truth:  For years, senior living homes have been portrayed in such a way that people actually believe that there is no provision for privacy and independence in these places. Well, we are more than happy to tell you that's far from the truth. While that might have been the case decades ago, that is not the reality of the current situation. Most of these places offer a complete home including a bedroom, living room, and bathroom to their residents. The residents can turn the place into their home by decorating it with family pictures and their favourite decoratives.

Myth 4:  Seniors are lonely in such communities, it's dull and depressing.

Truth: Independent senior living communities offer the opportunity for seniors to engage in their hobbies and interests, make new friends, build relationships that last for life. These places give the residents a chance to indulge in yoga, swimming, movies, and other activities that keep them occupied. Some of the homes even have classes and competitions for the residents.

Myth 5:  Moving Away from Family means no one will be around to help

Truth: It is absurd to think that a place like a senior living home lack when it comes to security and help. Pretty much every senior living home has stringent security measures including cctv cameras in and around the property, 24 hour security guards and staff. They will have a dedicated team for everything from healthcare professionals who offer medical aid to concierges who will run all errands, from booking tickets to paying bills.

Myth 6: The Meals provided are not healthy & Tasty

Truth: If you are one of those people who believe in this myth, a meal at a senior living home might change your mind. These places try their best to ensure that the residents are happy at their place and one of the best ways to do that is through good food. These communities provide nutritional meals based on a senior's 

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