Tanveer Arora: Local Stand-Up Comedian

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Born and brought up in the land of Bollywood, I have always been a Mumbai(Bandra) boy. I am, however, often confused to be someone from Punjab and most people get very disappointed to know that I am from Mumbai. They often react as if I said I am from Lahore, which in fact, would be better as then there would still be some 'Punjabi' aspect to me. There is nothing Punjabi about me, except my face. My spoken Punjabi is a mix of Hindi, Marathi(Jai Maharashtra), English and a little bit of Punjabi. Unlike most Punjabis, I am slender (at the moment!), vegetarian, a Teetotaler and don't guzzle down gallons of milk or Lassi (yogurt drink) as I am lactose intolerant. I do love Paneer though. How can a lactose intolerant person love Paneer, you ask? Well, that's what I call living on the edge.
Growing up in Mumbai and breathing the Bollywood air, I was very fascinated with stardom and always wanted to be a part of it. I am a born writer as well. Right from childhood, I remember having written countless 'will you be my friend?' letters to girls at school or obituaries for my friends (all alive and kicking). Comedy came naturally to me and I tested out my skills at the age of 17, when I auditioned for the Great Indian Laughter Challenge. I was brutally rejected, much like by those girls returning my letters saying, 'we don't like you right now, try again in a few years!' The dream died. I didn't write an obituary for the dream though because a part of me feels that the dream can be resurrected.

My friends and family have always asked me about my dream in life - my goal. I love material things, so they did automatically assume my dream to be to rake in big bucks, live in a mansion and drive a luxury car. But my real dream is to leave a mark in this world through my writings and be remembered even after I am gone. To this, my friends would joke and ask how would i know if I am being remembered after my death? To which I reply, “Believe you me, when I die, I am not directly going to heaven (yes, I am confident I will be going to heaven, I have already bribed the gatekeeper). I will stick around for a couple of months to see if people are remembering me.” I will also use that opportunity to audition for horror movies.

After the laughter challenge incident, years passed and life happened. I moved to Texas and have been working in IT for over 8 years. If you ever ask my friends from school or my teachers or even my coworkers they would agree about me being a very quiet person, almost an introvert. I believe there was a lot of stored energy in me that was waiting for an opportunity to make use of.

3 years back, my wife stumbled upon a Stand-Up Comedy class and signed me up for it. I thank her for doing so, else I wouldn't have been where I am now. Also, if and when I make it big, I will owe all my success to her. By that, I mean that I'll write a heart melting publication thanking her, extolling her virtues and telling the world what a perfect wife she has been. My money though ,will still be mine. Let's be absolutely clear about that.

In the next paragraph, it may sound like I am boasting and being arrogant. But that is mostly because I am.

In the past 3 years, I have performed all over Texas like San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo, Austin, Houston, Dallas as well as New York City, Hawaii and even Mumbai, India. I run my own showcases in San Antonio: Ten Beer Comedy Show.  I am also a co-producer of the JOKES OK PLEASE - A Hinglish comedy collaborative in Austin, Texas. I have also been a two time finalist in the Funniest in South Texas Competition. I have recently opened for famous Indian comedians like Zakir Khan, Amit Tandon, Atul Khatri, Varun Thakur and Abhishek Upamanyu and received accolades from all these big comic stars. 

My comedy sheds light on my religion, my origin as an Indian and anecdotes from my life. I absolutely love talking about my dad, mom and wife. In these 3 years of comedy, I have become a local favorite with over 50 hrs of stage time. As, I am now on this journey to entertain people and to make my name in comedy, I certainly need all your support and love. So, catch me perform in Dallas and other Texas cities. For upcoming shows and daily dose of laughter, you can follow me on:

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