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After educating himself in the US, and working for fortune 500 companies as a professional for many years, Robin Pandey, one day in 2009 transformed into Moksha Mukti, by serendipity or by the grace of God.  Since the day of transformation or enlightenment Moksha Mukti instantly ceased eating meat and drinking alcohol, this phenomenon occured in a flash halted his ethereal quest. This revelation cleaned out his old conditioned notions and brought him to his natural functioning; the divine entity he was investigating was already living and breathing inside of his organs; it is not something that revealed from outside source, but internally within. 

Since 2009 Moksha Mukti started to teach what had revealed to him, and now he has thousands of followers and students who learn from his revelations as wisdom or teachings.  He has written four books, and one three already published and fourth about to be released soon.  Currently, he teaches Moksha Mukti Enlightenment Meditation Lessons. 

What is Moksha Mukti Enlightenment Meditation?

There are hundreds of Meditation Lessons are available.  Moksha Mukti Enlightenment meditation is an original that revealed to Moksha Mukti. This is a direct method that is simple, efficient and effective. Although, it is simple it requires some time and teachings. Therefore, Moksha Mukti offers this lessons to anyone who is interested.  You don't have to give up your family or job to learn this meditation, however, it requires a minimum commitment for you to fully grasp and utilize it.  

During meditation, over 90% people sleep instead of mediate.  Moksha Mukti Enlightenment Meditation lessons do not let people fall asleep during meditation and it is scientific method of verifying and validating each experience within.  Moksha Mukti speaks the truth, but it is not true to you unless, you verify and validate in your own experiencing field.  So, in this meditation, there are a lot of interaction between students and the teacher to actually, get down and dirty, if I may use that phrase to experience, and recognize.  

It requires for you to pay attention to yourself, but this phrase has been cliche, and humans do not know what it truly means, and in Moksha Mukti Enlightenment Meditation lessons, Moksha Mukti teaches you to really pay attention.  He guides you pay attention at the right places, so that you may get the glimpses of Enlightenment.  Often people ask do I get enlightened by enrolling at the Moksha Mukti Enlightenment Meditation Lessons? Yes, there is a possibility, but more probability to get glimpses of Enlightenment.  

Are there benefits of taking Moksha Mukti Enlightenment Meditation lessons? Many people who reported by listening in and participating in General Open to public Moksha Mukti Enlightenment Meditation Lessons that happens once a month in or around full moon said they were healed, were peaceful, happy, calm, relaxed as well as their wish came true etc.  

Moksha Mukti's books are available on Amazon: 

His fourth epic book “Mirror” will be releasing soon. 

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