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The stars of the evening, Sushma and Sudiksha, joined Natyanjali Kuchipudi Dance School 10 years ago and have been training under Srimathi Srilatha Suri since then. The Pai sisters have also attended Jai Kishore Mosalikanti’s dance workshops for the past 4 years to help shape their skills.

Sushma and Sudiksha Pai were both introduced to Kuchipudi at the age of 8 and 6 by Guru Srimathi Srilatha Suri. Kuchipudi has had a huge impact on their lives for the past 10 years at Natyanjali Kuchipudi Dance School. Sudiksha is a sophomore at Imagine International Academy of North Texas, and Sushma recently graduated and earned her IB diploma. The Pai sisters are the first in their family to pursue classical Indian dance as an interest and present a Rangapravesa m.

They both have been attending Chinmaya mission for the past 5 years and continue to learn more about their culture and religion. Sushma will be attending Austin College this fall to pursue her ambition of becoming an Orthodontist. Over the past year, Sudiksha has spent countless hours volunteering at her dance school and teaching younger students. They performed at the Irving Arts Center and it was a beautiful, gracious performance. Thanks

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