Arnav Koppala – A Young CEO and Founder with a Vision

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Arnav Koppala – A Young CEO and Founder with a Vision

Talented, imaginative and gifted individuals are getting younger and younger every day  and are found in so many different areas such as science, invention, writing, and business entrepreneurship, just to name a few. However, an innately talented genius like Arnav Koppala, who aspires to be a particle physicist is not an easy find. Arnav fits so many of these magnificent categories of achievement and is continually adding new ones every day.

At the age of 11, Arnav published his first book of his current three-volume Pentagon Springs series, Pentagon Springs (2016), followed by Breaking Boundaries (2017), and The Journey (2018). Philanthropy showed itself in Arnav’s heart as he donated the proceeds from the sale of his first book, Pentagon Springs, to the Pediatric Cancer Centre Fund. A portion of the proceeds from his second book, was offered by him, to Save A Child's Heart (SACH), the largest international humanitarian non-profit organization working towards heart issues and a part of the earnings from his third  book, was given to Zbyte Inc, the first ever non-profit global organization working towards technology addiction.

Arnav Koppala has received national and regional level recognition and appreciation for being named as the youngest 11 year old author. He has received numerous invites and participated in many high-profile interviews on television, radio, and the Internet. He has stated in his interviews, that he likes to be inspired by his imagination, and loves making the characters in his book come to life, so that he can live vicariously through his characters and their experiences.

Arnav loves public speaking and sharing his interesting ideas and beliefs with his audiences is something he is very passionate about. He is a confident, natural and interestingly animated speaker whether on camera or in front of a huge audience. He was a noted speaker at TEDx events and inspired his audiences with his wide knowledge of TED’s main topics: Technology, Entertainment, and Design. His recent TEDx speaking engagement and Talk on the topic, Growth Mindset, adding new definition to ICE was shared on social media by Irving Mayor Rick Stopher as a brilliant and thought provoking speech by a young kid.

Once again, Arnav stepped out of the normal run-of-the-mill, youth stereotype and became a CEO and founder of a new organization named Zbyte a name that steals the technical term BYTE from the a 8-bit word in computer language to create an abbreviation for Zero Bytes. Arnav started this company to create unique programs, potential rehab centers to help kids and adults to curb themselves of their addiction to technical devices.

Zbyte is first ever and only organization in the world that has been created and designed specifically to make an impact on a global platform by creating and administering methods for preventing technology addiction. Pura Vida “Pure Life” is the right of every person. Arnav launched Zbyte Inc. organization before a 700+ audience with unanimous support from Mayors, StateReps, Business Executives, Chamber of Commerce and Educational Boards.

Arnav is forever challenging himself to learn and expand his horizons. In addition to his passion for golf, music, and guitar, he also entered the field of acting at the age of 11  years. To better acquaint you with Arnav’s goals dreams, and ambitions, below are a few notable excerpts from some of his previous interviews:

Excerpts From Arnav Koppala’s Previous Interviews

Interviewer: You are barely 13 years old and currently working with State Representative, Senators, the Mayors, and major company business executives as a CEO and founder of Zbyte Foundation. How does it feel?

Arnav: It feels very responsible and I do not get nervous when I work with them because they are the elected people by us to work for the betterment of our community. I feel honored when they all are extending their hands to support our organization. This organization would not have been possible without the  mentorship and support of State Representatives, Mayors, Corporate executives, Educational Boards and above all people who believe in me.

Interviewer: Young leaders are not taken seriously. Did you face challenges when you were working with them?

Arnav: On the contrary, I was received well, I have already established a level of credibility to the hard work and focus I have, so when I approached anyone I always received their support be it politicians, or corporate executives. Age is a factor that is in your mind not in your heart.

Interviewer: What plans do you have further?

Arnav: I am always a go-getter and try to reinvent what I do. My motto is Breaking Boundaries Any Time. Trust me when I say, “While working on my Book I was thinking about my TEDx  Talk for my speaking engagement, and while working on the content for my Talk, I was thinking about my organization.” So therefore, I am constantly looking at the big picture and trying to move forward in a positive way in many different directions. The goal of my every pursuit is the same. It is just the way to reach that goal that is constantly changing.

Interviewer: You are an author, speaker, actor, and a founder of an organization, and above all a middle school student how do you balance? Don’t you fall behind in your academics?

Arnav: My parents made it very clear to me initially before allowing me to pursue other areas of interest in life that there are two most important points that must be addressed before anything else, that is Behavior and Academics, exactly in that order. They will not make any compromises on either of those two areas. You can rest assured that everything I do can only fit into my schedule after first, I maintain my best behavior wherever I go and with whomever I work with, and  second, I must score A+ in all my academic studies. In the 7th Grade, I got national recognition by Duke University for my SAT scores so I think I am good in academics but I am a super brat at home (grins sheepishly).

Interviewer: When you first became an author you have inspired so many kids around you to write and work on their books, How does it feel?

Arnav: It makes me happy that kids are inspired by me. I definitely want to support everyone who loves to write. This is totally an out and out creative space that has no boundaries. 

Interviewer: Any challenges on the way?

Arnav: Plenty of challenges. I address it with one word that is passion and having the best team to work with. When you have the passion for the mission and vision of Zbyte organization there are no hurdles, you just change the course of action but the goal remains the same and trust me so far we heard only ‘YES’ regarding support to our organization.

Interviewer: You are all over the place, author, actor, speaker, running organizations and studying, what are your next plans?

Arnav: Trust me I have a huge bucket list and one thing I don’t do is plan my next move… I follow my heart and everything in my life happens organically…. I love what I do and do what I love. After my final sequel of Pentagon spring  series, I plan to focus fulltime on Zbyte because that is where my passion lies for



At the age of 13, Arnav Koppala is a three-time published author, actor, Tedx Speaker, innovator and founder of the Zbyte organization, humanitarian, and political activist working with the Mayors, state and local government officials, national representatives and senators in efforts to promote, impede, or direct, social, political, economic, or environmental reform with the desire to make improvements in society.

And that’s only the beginning point, where Arnav’s goals and ambitions may take him. His aspirations to become a particle physicist and his passion for quantum physics is clearly visible in his writings which may take him into the world of science and space someday.

Arnav Koppala is truly a young kid with a big vision, and above all he is a highly enthusiastic, creative and a compassionate kid. To date, Arnav has won over 121 trophies and 82 medals in various competitions that he has either entered as an individual or representing his school.

When he isn’t writing stories, acting, and running corporations, Arnav is super busy attending science labs, working on perfecting his golf swing, learning new guitar solos, and being featured on a number of television and radio shows.

Arnav lives in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas with his Mom, Dad, and Grandmother. He has received recognition and support from Laura Bush, President George W. Bush, President Obama, Irving Mayor, State Rep Rodney Anderson, WFAA television station, CBS, TEDx Community. He treasures President George W. Bush’s personal copy of his book that was gifted to him by the Bush family very dearly.

He is truly not a kid with a plan but instead a kid who follows his heart and his instinct into whatever endeavor finds its way into his life that he deems necessary for the betterment of man and the world.

Arnav’s leadership persona is distinct and is reflected in his personal life’s motto: “There are no boundaries in life, the only boundaries in life are set by your mind.”

Arnav Koppala Is Truly a Living Proof That Age Doesn’t Matter When We Talk About Changing The World!!

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