Hindi is Core of Indian Culture

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!! हिंदी आवश्यकता है !! विकल्प नहीं !!

While Vedic Hindi School is an initiative of dedicated community members who wish to see the younger generation experience rich and diverse Indian culture. We believe that learning about language and culture can be fun for all children when taught under its structured guidelines. Over course of year we also learned from our community some of the reasons why not to learn Hindi. !! Yes !! you heard it correct …..WHY NOT TO LEARN HINDI ? 

To explore the matter at a more oundational level, all development begins with education, and education, of course, stems from language. Yet, language is much more than a means of communication; it determines the books one reads, the television programs one watches, the ideas one is exposed to, the values one holds, one's personal interests, and one's career opportunities. In essence, it defines our identities.

It seems evident that in the case of India and elsewhere, multiple languages ought to be taught and be taught well to allow individuals not only to operate in a globalized world but to also bring together local communities that have been fractured and segregated by the economics of language.

Some of the official reasons not to learn Hindi….....

- We speak in our House .. Our kids will learn slowly.

- He goes to temple so he will learn culture and language.

- We wanted to make our kids global citizen.

- We will get them to India every year.

- Kids should be cultured and that is enough.  They don’t need to learn Hindi.

- We are Hindi speaking family. Our kids will learn “Hindi” anyways. No need to specifically focus.

- Our kid knows English and know our regional language …. why any other language?

- He/She will learn by talking to grandparents every week.

- They don’t have time from English, Math,  Science tuition.

- Most of the children take French and Spanish as second language.

- No one is our house speaks Hindi.

- In our house, we talk in Hindi language only.

- Why kids need to learn Hindi?

- I am not interested in watching Bollywood movies.

- We don’t want our kids to be strongly religion opinionated.

- These kids are growing here in abroad …….  They will not go to India for settlement?

And the list is never ending. It doesn't matter how far you live from your country and where your children are going to be settled? We need to fulfill our duty of ensuring our children will able to retain cultural heritage.

"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people." - Mahatma Gandhi

- Vedic Hindi School (www.vedichindischool.com)

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