Text Art by 14 yrs old Aashka Limbasia

TP4U Editor Jul 07, 2018 720 Views   0 Comments
My name is Aashka Limbasia and I am 14 years old. As an artist I try to let my art speak to me and others in different ways, the emotions and feelings are viewed differently for others. My artwork is inspired by people and places that surround me. The colors used are part of what each art is supposed to make the viewer feel.

The 6 chapters that I wrote from the book represent me in 
a way such as what I like reading. Portraiture is something that requires drawing the tiniest details and that’s what makes an artwork, some think that spending a lot of time doing these details is annoying, but I enjoy doing this type of art.

The second artwork is made out of just paper. They are simply thin strips of paper that can be rolled and made into whatever you can imagine. What I made is a 3D flower which I was thought how to do by my teacher. This shows 7 flowers in different shades of blue. The flowers are growing from the smallest size and becoming more beautiful as it grows.

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