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Worked on passing Sherin's Law, Providing a safer outlet for children with or without voices.   

I am a huge people person. I have spent the last decade fighting for women and children who do not have a voice or the strength to do it alone. This advocacy landed me in the arms of a Criminology field where I obtained Certifications in Criminology Profiling and Forensic Science. I am also certified in Human Trafficking and the Dark web through U.S. Attorney General.  

“My interest in this field took on a much serious course during the Sherin Mathews Murder Case.”

This case changed lives all around the world. This shook the foundation from my feet when my partner Shanna Poteet and I discovered that only 3 states have a law that punishes people for leaving children at home alone. We authored the law and named it after Sherin; “Sherin’s Law”. This law has grabbed international attention and captured the interest of government officials worldwide. We certainly did not anticipate so much attention, but it was warranted given the face of how important this law is thus the need for it to be passed. We are in the process of ironing out the law with various Representatives. We eventually want to make a push to make this law Federal. Going through my decade long journey and finally teaming with someone who shares the same passion and has the same drive, servants heart and self-motivated it was a natural step to unit under one banner which gave rise to our (Shana and My) non-profit.  Love & Justice for Humanity.

When I am not fighting the world for Justice, I am your everyday South Asian woman raising 2 children who have been the highlight of my life and a Husband who is ever so supportive. Many have asked me about my career choice and I always tell them if it wasn’t because of my husband, I would have never been able to come this far. Today, with God’s blessing and my husband’s support, I can fight for those beautiful children and women who have no one and no voice to seek justice. In my free time, which is very minimal, I love to watch documentaries, read, do research, play with my children, workout and travel. I also love to cook and feed my husband who is on an everlasting diet. Now we all know that desi diet don’t we. 

My goal in life is to raise the bar on awareness of Abuse and Neglect. Abuse happens in many forms, it happens all around us it happens to people of all sexes and all ages. I want to enable others starting from my community and then around the globe. I feel I have an innate ability to understand people not by just listening to them but reading between the lines. I am trained and experienced in identifying types/levels of Abuse and Neglect that I want to share and help others understand with withstand. Everyone I meet and everywhere I go I always say, “if you see something, say something”. Don’t be afraid, or feel alone, don’t leave it to someone else, voice your concern, make a statement you don’t know if or when you will be changing someone’s life for the better, it could be your own. 

Finally, I love meeting new people and learning new things. Please say hello and share a story with me if you ever see me around.

With lots of love, 

Reena Bana - Founder

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