Stars on Earth (SOE)

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Stars on Earth (SOE) is a project run by students at the University of Texas at Dallas, with a goal of introducing students in developing nations to the field of computer science. We create curriculum to teach children how to code using Scratch, Python, and HTML.

Devanshi Padsala, the SOE President, moved from India to Dallas in 2014, and was amazed that she could choose her own classes at school. She was astounded at the amount of opportunity children in the US have and related it back home. She called a group of friends, and together we created a plan for this project.

Our main goal is to expose students to the field of computer science, so that they are aware of the reality of working in the field. Moreover, coding techniques have been proven to help develop critical thinking and analytical skills, which can also be applicable to other industries. Furthermore, coding can help students learn how to communicate ideas  effectively, improve overall academic performance, stimulate creativity, cultivate team-building skills, and develop logic.

Our plan is to connect with schools abroad and host workshops at these schools. During these workshops, students are shown videos online and follow along with an interactive packet. After the completion of the 4-5 week workshop, students work on a project to showcase the skills they have learnt. With the help of volunteers, we ensure that the workshop is merits student success! 

Currently, at Stars on Earth, we are working with a school in Gujarat, India and plan on expanding to El Salvador, Zambia,and many more! We have hopes to one day fundraise to give schools computers, Wi-Fi, and basic school supplies to ensure that all stars get the education that they deserve!

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