What is FENGSHUI ?

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Hello Readers, my name is Vijay Warman and I work for my company – Mystic Mandala, located in Plano at 3131 Custer Road (Ste 265) where I guide people on mindfulness practices and many eastern concepts of creating a vibrant energy in the homes of my clients. Along with my team, we also offer Yoga Classes, Sound Healing and many other ancient modalities of healing. Although the advancements in science, technology and communication have made life very comfortable and connected for us, however we as a generation have never been so “disconnected” to ourselves – Life is moving at a frantic pace with no time to sit back and enjoy ourselves, our families and our homes – isn't it so? Our services, our workshops help people reconnect to their true, essential selves. We work on the mind body connection to guide our clients to a happier healthier self. With that intention, we do the bi annual free admission event called the Holistic Festival of life and wellness, or our next big event at the Plano center on 22nd April The Plano Health Fair (www.PlanoHealthfair.com)


Feng shui literally means wind water. It is a system, a traditional chinese concept linking the destiny of man to his environment it is a process, a belief system of universal laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy called chi or life force, and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when designing buildings and decorating homes.

Why is feng shui important in a home?

Your home is a place where you come back to rest, to rejuvenate and to relax. It is your safe haven. The quality of your work in the outside world always depends deeply on the quality of your rest. If you are well rested, more energized, then you can do a lot, isn't it? So good Feng Shui in the house will help remove negativity and create a peaceful yet empowering environment. A good feng shui house has to be nourished by fresh, clear and freely flowing energy. There can be no stagnant, old or blocked energy anywhere in the house. Everything around us in life is in constant flow, in constant change and the same energy dynamics apply to our house as well. Stuck, stagnant energy in a specific area of your house will sooner or later express itself in stuck, or completely blocked energy in a specific area of your life.

How does the position of furniture, colors used, and balance impact one's home through the philosophy of fengshui? 

Life has a flow, and the philosophy of Feng Shui believes in making sure that one's home has an easy flow. The three major concepts of Feng Shui are the flow of energy, the balance of yin and yang and the interaction of the five elements in the universe namely - fire, earth, metal, water and wood.Each element has its own unique characteristics as to how it is expressed in the world. Each element also plays a vital role in the cycle of life. The placement and design of furniture isn't just a physical matter; it also helps to maintain the balance of yin and yang within the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual realms leading to a healthier life. We lay a lot of importance on not having obstructions in the flow of energy in a house. Hence placement of furniture in the home is of tremendous importance. Just like we have traffic congestion on the roads similarly sometimes we get energy congestion in the home. A good DIY is to make sure that there is room to move around the house. De-cluttering is an importance concept – In Feng Shui we want the entire house to be clutter free and obstruction free.

And once we have worked with the elements and the physical objects in the house, we consider colors carefully as in Feng Shui we divide the house into 9 equal parts called the Bagua. Here, each Bagua or area is designated a certain color. Now, colors are of equal importance in Feng Shui. Imagine the associated feelings with a bright red rose or a beautiful white lily. While the Red rose fills your heart with love, a white lily fills your mind with peace and serenity. There are Yin colors in Feng Shui which induce a gentleness and Yang colors represent the elements of Fire and Wood elements and provide enthusiasm and positive energy required to be motivated and energetically charged.

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