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Human Embrace is a nonprofit organization focused on inclusion and diversity for the communities of North Texas. We offer holistic and relief efforts through meal distribution, community fundraising, supporting small businesses that focus on diversity and inclusion of ethnic cultures or cuisine. We offer 8 community events embracing our multicultural communities in North Texas.

Mindfulness is a foundational core value that we utilize as not only our own ethical standard but also include this in all initiatives that we offer. Our mindfulness endeavors are non denominational and are beneficial for everyone. We offer meditation for teachers and students and as well as those who are battling stress, anxiety and depression. Human Embrace also engages in social innovation projects and business collaborations that significantly advance mindfulness in society.

Currently we are highly focused on our Covid 19 meal relief initiatives “Lend a Helping Hand” Campaign, is to help those who need a little extra care during this pandemic which has truly shocked our communities on a global level both economically as well as socially.

DPW-Dallas Professional Women Organization

Our focus is Inclusion, and we're obsessive about it! Where so serious about creating, nurturing and cultivating an inclusive environment that we talk about it on a daily basis! At our events, our goal is to make every single person feel welcomed and valued. We celebrate the everyday woman, the ones that juggle all their priorities while surprising us all of the achievements and paths she's trail-blazed.

We're intentional about ensuring our topics, content, events, and interactions are cross-generational and delivered in American-English in honor of the freedom this great nation gives us to connect and collaborate with women of all backgrounds & belief systems.

Our Code of Ethics, "Help one another instead of competing with each other!" It's a simple concept, but someone has to enforce it! All members understand that when a DPW Sister calls, you answer and point her in the right direction. Our members have peace of mind that they are always connected with verifiable, women professionals in all industries that have their best interest at hand.

Douglass Visions Committee (DVC)

Douglass Visions is a non-profit and community group that focuses on rebuilding, revitalizing, improving and empowering Douglass Community and DFW area residents through free and low cost programs focusing on: Education, Career Advancement, Food Share Programs, Health, Wellness & Self-Care Youth Programs, Preservation of our Historical Community, Financial Literacy, Community Events, Preserving History, Partnerships with local non-profits and small businesses dedicated to improving our community DVC believes that through active participation of residents and co mmunity, they can continue focusing on a bright future of generational change.

NAACP Collin County

The foundation supports the mission of the NAACP by raising funds, promoting philanthropy and further to advise the NAACP Board of Directors regarding the programs of the Foundation.

NAACP Collin County strives to fight for equality through civic advocacy initiatives. Members are committed to improving the political, educational, social and economic status of minorities and to eliminating racial prejudice through educating the public on the adverse effects of racism.

The NAACP has been in existence for over a century securing victories in the struggle for social justice and equality. As a volunteer organization, all of our advocacy initiatives are implemented by our members who generously donate their time. As our branch grows, we welcome progressive minded individuals that are committed to achieving social justice in Collin County.

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