Sudhir Pai launches Legacy Wealth Planner.

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A boutique financial services firm with a special focus in traditionally low correlated to market alternative investments and retirement planning

Founded in 2008 by Sudhir and Supriya Pai, MyTaxFiler is a tax consultation and financial management rm under the aegis of Global Value Add, Inc (GVA). MyTaxFiler has recently made a landmark announcement that its board
of directors will transition the responsibilities of CEO to Supriya S Pai; previously Director-Finance & HR with over eleven years of experience in finance, tax, and HR. Supriya S Pai takes the reigns from Sudhir Pai, who will now be undertaking the duties of Legacy Wealth Planner, LLC as its CEO.

Global Value Add, Inc. has seen phenomenal growth under Sudhir’s leadership, and has been listed in the top 5000 startups by the reputed Inc. magazine for three consecutive years, a list which it hails as the “the Superheroes of the US Economy.

Today, Global Value Add, Inc., offers end-to-end tax and bookkeeping and payroll solutions to both individuals and businesses all over the United States and India. The rm is doing business as MyTaxFilerR, myStartUpCFOTM, and GlobalCFOServiceTM, with the aim of assisting individuals and small businesses in ling their taxes and managing their finances efficiently.

Since strong backend support is the foundation of any good business, MyTaxFiler has set up a robust back-office in Bangalore and Udupi, India, which acts as an efficient knowledge & training center, help desk, customer support, and operations centre, under the guidance of Raghav Pai. The team is trained on US tax norms and is kept up to date with the latest regulatory changes.

"Supriya is an exemplary personality to lead MyTaxFiler, given her sharp grasp of our business, and her proven strength to drive results in our largest markets. MyTaxFiler is on a track to grow phenomenally over the next few years, and I’ve complete trust that under Supriya’s supervision, the growth rate will only accelerate. I’m truly thrilled about the transition, and for MyTaxFiler’s next period of growth and leadership."  --- Sudhir Pai (CEO, Legacy Weath Planner, LLC)

Leading change, growth and innovation since 2009

Growth of an enterprise is never a one-time event. After the initial spurt of growth, and on completion of a successful tax season, the MyTaxFiler team is now focused on gearing up for the upcoming tax season, and further streamlining their processes. They have worked diligently on hitting the next milestones while focusing on the following:

Operational Improvements
In this era of technology powering even your juice-maker, you can’t afford to play catch-up. This is why they have strengthened their technical backbone by launching a new Android and iOS app and have their website.

Supriya plans to place a very high focus on operational efficiency and being up-to-date with all the latest regulatory changes; thus, mid-year advanced training sessions have already been implemented.

Franchisee Support

TaxCFOFranchise, the franchising arm of MyTaxFiler, was set up to ensure that any new business could avail a structured franchise system geared towards helping them achieve a seamless setup. The team felt that the business could grow at an accelerated rate with a well-supported back-oce and a strong technological foundation - and thus TaxCFOFranchise was born!

Supriya is committed to making their franchisees successful, and plans to leave no stone unturned in that process.

To provide comprehensive, reliable back-end support to their franchisees and help them improve their revenues, the MyTaxFiler team has:

 -- Provided access to CPAs and EAs in all local oces
 -- Encouraged participation in local events, conventions, and seminars
 -- Allocated joint and shared advertising budgets for increased branding and to create a stronger sales pipeline
 -- Integrated tax preparation with value-added services oered by business aliates Sudhir Pai, CPA, LLC and 
 -- Legacy Wealth Planner, LLC such as:


"I’m excited to step up as the CEO of MyTaxFiler in this upcoming chapter of growth as the company continues to execute strategic objectives. We are focused on domestic and international regulations, and tax codes with a high level of craftsmanship, has driven an exceptional performance record in what has become a best-in-class provider in taxation. In addition, we will carry on the tradition to empower women by providing them with opportunities with consideration towards their well-being."  --- Supriya Pai (CEO, MyTaxFiler)

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