Calmness is the Craddle of Power

Neetu Rishi Apr 22, 2020 229 Views   0 Comments
Everyone is wondering what to do, everything has come to a halt. People think that that they don’t have anything to do and we all are busy in just forwarding Corona related messages from here to there. 
We are unintentionally filling our subconscious mind with fears and anxiety.  Let us walk you through some ways which will not only help you to be calm but also give you a sense of accomplishment.

1. Let’s make the non-urgent and non-important tasks a priority 
During our daily running routines, we often tend to ignore the tasks which might either be non- urgent or not important and they are on our lists since days, months and sometimes years. Pick them up and finish them. They could include  organizing your wardrobes, some repair work of our clothes, decluttering our garage, organizing our old photo prints, etc. 

2. Spend time on self-care
In the hustle of life, we hardly get a chance to slow down and take care of ourselves. When did you last give yourself a good hot hair massage, when did you last time apply uptan (a mixture of gram flour and milk to brighten the skin) on the face to get that glow. Its time to spend time on yourself, pamper yourself by yourself.

3. Pick up your oldest hobby
Think of a hobby which was close to your heart, could be playing an instrument, could be writing poetry, could be art, etc. Pick up that hobby and nurture it with your time. You will get rid of the regret that you loved doing that, but never had time to do that.

4. Learn a new skill
We all have many things in our bucket list to learn but again time was always a constraint to learn that. Now it’s time to do that. It’s not advisable to go and learn that skill outside, take help from the internet, YouTube, etc and start learning.

By doing the above you get a feeling of fulfillment, self-love, happiness, and sense of  accomplishment. You have been working hard to fulfill your financial, personal and professional needs. It’s time to listen to your soul and pamper it. Stay calm and stay safe

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