Aniv Karthikeyan, 4.5 yrs old, Riverside butterfly school, Coppell , TX

Gargi Duggal Nov 22, 2019 803 Views   0 Comments
When you were 4.5 years old, were you a geographic walking encyclopedia?

Most of us cannot say ‘yes’, but Aniv Karthikeyan a 4.5 years old child from Irving, TX knows it all. Hard to believe, right? Come to UCMAS Plano on every Saturday and see the magic he creates through the numbers as well.

He locates the capital of a 100+ countries, from as tiny as Vatican City to as vast as Russia. This little fearless child is so confident and looks straight in to one’s eye to give his answers.

Show him the world map outlined on a piece of paper or any world map app on an ipad he will let you know the answer in fraction of seconds. It does not end there, Aniv can also recognize all the states in USA and name their capitals. You show him the state or country map cutouts and he would jump high to give the answer. 

Besides being such a bright kid, he enjoys construction and building Legos. In fact, he won first  place at the Annual Summer Lego Building Competition at West Irving Library. He built a remarkable spaceship out of Duplo’s. He has now surpassed his expectations and is engaging in Legos.

At home, he loves playing puzzle games. He enjoys making geographic and picture puzzles in his free time. Lastly, Aniv is in higher level reading. He is reading advanced 2nd grade books at the age of 4.5! Essentially, he is at twice the level of expertise than expected.

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