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Neetu Rishi is the CEO and Founder at The Success Door, LLC, a coaching and image consulting firm, besides being the Director-Youth Education –Dale Carnegie, Life Coach, a Motivational Speaker, a Personality Development Coach, Pageant Coach, Model and Author of the book “A Different Monday” where she talks about how to fight with Monday Blues.

Do you know that you are the LIMITED edition on this planet?

Do you know that your self-worth is not determined by others?

Do you try to be better than others or you try to be better than the person in the mirror, i.e yourself?

These questions sound so simple, yet they are the most difficult ones to answer. And the magic of these questions is that we all know the right answers but in this marathon of life we tend to forget the correct answers and do mistakes and keep losing marks in the life examination. 

Let's try to understand the power of triple S and its connection to the above questions.

The first S stands for Self-Love

We love to be active on social platforms; in fact, our morning ritual starts with checking our social links and look over the stories of people around us. It's good to get inspired but many of us tend to develop the inferiority complex within ourselves. Instead start your morning by looking at the mirror and talking to yourself and saying “You are the best, you are confident, you are the hero of my life and you are my role model”. 

Develop the habit of believing that you are not beautiful like others, but you are beautiful like yourself. Self-Love is the first step to enter the door of happiness. We all love to buy LIMITED edition materialistic things and handle them with the utmost care, then why do we forget to take care our ourselves, which is not only a LIMITED edition but it's also PRICELESS.

The second S stands for Self- Acceptance

When we look at others and find ourselves different from others, we try to copy them. Whereas when we accept ourselves the way we are, we are relieved from major stress in our lives that is to get accepted by others. Let's not hand over the remote control of our lives into the hands of others. Let's learn to drive our own life instead of giving control of our steering wheel to others. We are safest if we drive ourselves. 

The third S stands for Self-Improvement

If we start comparing ourselves with others, we will never improve. Rather let's compare ourselves to our own as yesterday and we are guaranteed to improve. We all have dreams and goals to accomplish but if we remain the way we are today; we won't become what we want to become. 

So let's invest in ourselves, let's take a small step each day to work on ourselves.

To summarize, let's follow the triple S formula and choose to be happy. We don't need to travel and go to vacations for happiness, happiness is within ourselves. Happiness is in the hands of the person in the mirror, let's focus on that. Let's build our dreams, our way, on our terms and conditions which do not come with any asterisks or hidden star marks. 

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