The Healing Power Of The Breath

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‘Prana’ – a concept which starts with the breath. If only we would sometimes stop and breathe, just breathe in the ‘Life force’ the ‘Elan Vital’, the ‘Chi’, the Prana – we would certainly feel energized. But yet, in the continuous self-created pressure environment we live in, we seldom take a moment to breathe. 
In Ayurveda, when we speak about the Vata-Pitta-Kapha, the Tridosha and the bodily manifestation of the Panch Mahabut – the Five great elements, we speak of the air as the most important factor as we can live without food or water for a longer time but would not last too long without breathing.
Ayurveda explains that the body has 5 types of Vayu - The word vayu translates as "wind," connoting all-pervading movement. Vayu is a vehicle for activities and experiences within the body, or a “force” that moves throughout the system controlling functions such as digestion, respiration, nerve impulses act.
These pancha pranas are categorized as: Prana vayu, Apana vayu, Samana vayu, Udana vayu and Vyana vayu. Though they function in unison together, each governing a specific area of the body. They can be thought of as elemental forces that are not just the physical, but govern emotional qualities and mental energies, fundamental to physical, mental and emotional well- being.

The practices of yoga, especially asana and pranayama, optimize the functioning of these vayus as well as bring them under our influence. Their energies can then be used to uplift ourselves and restore vibrant health. 
When the breath is imbalanced, life is imbalanced. So, take it easy, literally catch your breath and just breathe. 

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