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About Sadhguru:

Sadhguru is a realized yogi and mystic – a man whose passion spills into everything he encounters. With a keen mind, balanced by a heart that knows no boundary, his presence creates an extraordinary opportunity to break through limitations into one's natural state of freedom, love and joy. 

Named one of India's 50 most influential people, Sadhguru's work has deeply touched the lives of millions worldwide through his Transformational programs. Sadhguru has a unique ability to make the ancient yogic sciences relevant to contemporary minds, acting as a bridge to the deeper dimensions of life. His life and work are constant reminders that the inner sciences are not outdated philosophies, but rather, vitally relevant to our times. His approach does not ascribe to any belief system, but offers methods for self transformation that are both proven and powerful.

An author, poet, visionary and internationally renowned thought leader, Sadhguru's wit and piercing logic provoke and broaden our thoughts and perception of life. Sadhguru has been an influential voice at major global forums including the UN, MIT, and the World Economic Forum, addressing issues as diverse as socio-economic development, leadership and spirituality. Dedicated to the physical, mental and spiritual well being of humanity and gifted with utter clarity of perception, Sadhguru possesses a perspective on life and living that never fails to intrigue.
Raising Human Consciousness

Sadhguru: “Generally in most societies, people are trying to take a human being to a certain height through moral and ethical standards. Or in other words, from the day a child is born, we are trying to tell him he must be good. What does this mean? Somewhere, essentially we believe that the Creator has made a mistake and we are going to correct it. Somewhere we believe, essentially all human beings are born bad and we have to fix them. It is not so. It is simply because we have created societies without any focus on the inward nature of a human being. We have created societies essentially based on our survival mechanisms. When survival is the only issue, we are as good as any animal. We are always fighting and it is survival of the fittest. But there is an innate human nature which is capable of a certain inclusiveness.

There is a certain possibility in a human being that he can include everything and everybody as a part of himself. Unless this inclusiveness is brought to one’s experience, our attempts to fix humanity with morality, ethics and values will not work. The highest sense of morals, ethics and values has gone into almost every human being, but you know it has not worked. The world is living proof of that. It is just that it seems to be an easier substitute because raising human consciousness seems to be a far cry. It is not a far cry. It is a far cry right now only because we have not invested any time, resources or energies in that direction. If you look at any society on the planet today, individual people, societies, nations and humanity as a whole have not made any investment towards human consciousness. They have not made any investment in the essential sense of well being in a human being. It is only by chance that a few individuals go that way out of their own intelligence and longing, but nations and societies have not made any  investment.

We have made investment for economic well-being, physical well-being, political well being and other things, but have we made any investment for human consciousness to rise? That is why it looks like a far cry. Suppose there was no investment at all towards regular education in a particular country, education would look like a far cry. This is also just like that. This has not happened because there is no investment.

Today, the most important work on the planet is to raise human consciousness. We are at a certain significant time in human history because for the first time, as humanity, we have the necessary capability, technology and resources to solve almost every human problem – fundamental problems like nourishment, health, education – on this planet; never before this was possible. The only thing that is missing is human consciousness. Raising human consciousness does not need any external inputs. All it takes is to make human beings willing.

Yoga - The Method to Raise Human Consciousness

Standing on your head is not yoga, holding your breath is not yoga, twisting your body is not yoga. Yes, these are various yogic practices, but when we say ‘yoga’ we are referring to a certain state – a certain way of being. The word ‘yoga’ means union. Union means you begin to experience the universality of who you are. For example, today, modern science proves to you beyond any doubt that the whole Existence is just one energy manifesting itself in various forms. If this scientific fact becomes a living reality for you, that you begin to experience everything as one,then you are in yoga. Once you experience yourself as everything, or everything as yourself, after that nobody has to tell you how to be in this world. If you experience all the people here as yourself, does anybody have to teach you morals as to how to be? Does  anybody have to tell you ‘don’t harm this person, don’t kill this person and don’t rob this person?’ So when you are in yoga, you experience everything as a part of yourself, and that is liberation, that is mukti; that is ultimate freedom. 

This yogic science is of utmost importance now, like never before, because today we have tremendous power in our hands. With modern science and technology, tomorrow if we want, we can flatten a mountain or city. When we have this much power in our hands, it is very, very important,that we have an inner sense, an awareness of life and that we experience life, and everyone as part of ourselves. Otherwise, we can create a calamity for ourselves and the world around us – which we are doing right now to some extent. This has happened only because we have attended only to the external science. We have never looked at the inner science within us. Just as there is an external science to create external well-being,there is an inner science to create inner well being.

So, the whole science of what we refer to as yoga is an inner science. Yoga can be transmitted on many different levels. One is towards physical and mental well being which includes health and other aspects. If you want, you can use yoga just to get rid of your backache or if you want, you can use yoga to get better mental focus and a little peace of mind and happiness in your life. Or, it could be transmitted as a tool for ultimate well being; in the sense that you can use this system as a stepping stone to go beyond. Or you can use yoga as a way of climbing up to the highest possibility within yourself. Using yoga just for health is not wrong, but it is a crime, because if it is explored in its full depth and dimensions, it can take you to places which you have never imagined. It is a way of approaching the Creator through the Creation. It can be a ladder to the Divine. It is my wish and blessing that you should know the joy of being truly well, not just physical well being, but to know and exude well being in all dimensions of your existence.

When I first came to the United States, wherever I went, I heard people talking about stress management. We manage our families, our money, our property, our businesses – we manage whatever is valuable to us. Why would anybody manage stress? It took me a while to understand that people have made a conclusion that stress is a part of life. Stress is not a part of life. It is not your lifestyle, it is not your work, it is not your family, it is not the situations in which you exist which cause stress to you; it is your in ability to manage your system (your body, your mind, your emotions and your energy), your lack of understanding of how this system functions, your inability  to use the system the way it should be used . People can be stressful in any kind of situation. It is not about this job or that job; it is not about one kind of situation or the other. People are capable of being stressful for just about anything. What can you do about it? You don’t need to do anything about stress; stress is like friction in a machine. There is friction in the machine because there is no proper movement of the parts of the machine, or there is not enough lubrication. The less friction you have,the more efficient the machine becomes. 

If you start this simple process of Inner Engineering, you will find within six weeks, there is a considerable drop in your pulse rate, in your heart beat, in the way your system functions – because your whole system is functioning at a certain ease. When the very nature of your existence has become ease, you are restful all the time. Then there is no such thing as stress. Restfulness is the basis of all activity. You can be most effective in your life only when everything is at complete ease within yourself. If your ability to act becomes effortless, then naturally there is no such thing as stress.

Restfulness is the basis of all activity. You can be most effective in your life only when  everything is at complete ease within yourself. If your ability to act becomes effortless, then naturally there is no such thing as stress.

If your body and mind took instructions from you, would you create stress for yourself or Bliss for yourself? You need to look at the fundamental mechanics of life, why your body and mind is not doing what you want. Isha Yoga is the technology to do this. If you do a process of yoga, it needs to be in its full depth and dimension, not just the physicality of it as it is generally practiced today,that people are practicing yoga just as a physical thing, or a mental thing. It is neither physical nor mental; it has got something to do with the core of your life. If all of you is not involved in the yoga that you do, if it has not been transmitted to you, it has just been taught to you, it is a bundle of instructions, not an initiation – if that is so, you are using yoga like you are using an airplane as a car. Suppose I gave you an airplane and you didn’t know what it is, you knew only automobiles. There are these two ugly things that are hitting your buildings and your lampposts, so you chop off the wings and you drive around and you are happy. Likewise, you are happy your backache is gone; your thyroid problem is fixed but I will cry, because a man who knows what it means to fly, when he sees an airplane with chopped off wings, he will cry.

So right now when I see the yoga that is going on all over on a large scale, it makes me feel like crying but then the world would be flooded because too much of it is happening. I want you to understand, yoga is not a solution for your stress – there is no need for stress. Yoga is the removal of the problem. You don’t create stress anymore, that’s all. If you don’t create stress, then why do you need a solution for it? Stress is your making; it is not the situation which is making stress. It is your making. So if you get a little deeper access to the experience of life within you, you will distinctly know this and you will drop it. This is the essence of Isha Yoga.

Inner Engineering

Inner Engineering is a comprehensive system addressing every aspect of human wellbeing, from body, mind and emotion to the fundamental life energy within us. It is a method of aligning your body, mind, emotions and energies to function in complete harmony. Derived from the ancient science of yoga, it works to establish a deep and lasting personal transformation. Over two million people have completed the Inner Engineering program worldwide and have reported remarkable results.

Sadhguru will be personally offering Inner Engineering in Toronto on November 10-11 and in Dallas November 23-24, 2019. This is a unique opportunity to learn Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, a life-transforming practice from him.

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