Adam Construction: Developing Our People Growing Our Business

Neetu Rishi Sep 13, 2019 157 Views   0 Comments
Each one of us aspires to have a new home, and that brings with it new beginnings, new memories and of course the best part all new furniture and décor. So today we have the owner of ADAM Construction who not only make you happy rather their tag line is making your home smile.

Ques. What all services do you cover, is it only building the new homes or we have more perks to that too.
Ans. I cover pretty much any service a homeowner desires to renovate or repair their property ranging from installing a new 8ft Privacy Fence to Roofing to Interior Remodeling.

Ques. A house without problems or emergencies doesn't exist, so how would you divide the significant crises that occur.
Ans. Well a crisis like water damage must be attended to promptly. I deploy the appropriate personnel depending on the situation. I certainly have the power to do so as all my workers are in-house. They work for me year round and I never need to search for labor to handle a specific task.

Ques. Hail is always a part of South East and I have heard that hail damage is usually not visible from a ground level view. What services do you cover under this?
Ans.  We provide a free property inspection contingent that the homeowner will contract ADAM Construction to replace their roof if we do find hail damage and are able to attain approval from their insurance company.

Ques. How do you work hand in hand with the insurance companies in such cases?
Ans. I specialize in attaining approval from the insurance company and maximizing the damage coverage via getting supplements approved for my client. I have the expertise to do so due to a Veteran in house licensed adjuster that works full time for me.

Ques. Are your services limited to only homes or commercials or does it cover other areas too?
Ans. Just residential & commercial properties

Ques. How are you different from other construction companies?
Ans. We are literally the best of the best. There is no General Contractor that provides the personal attention that I do. I am truly a 1 stop shop that can renovate/repair a property turnkey. Above all I do not expect any payment until the client attains 100% satisfaction.

Ques. How can people reach out to you?
Ans. Email me or text/call me 469-661-6322

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