Pramod Rajput : An Emerging Poet & Lyricist

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इस मंज़िल पर बैठे देर हुई
फ़िर राह बना एक और नयी
माना है सब कुछ पास यहाँ
पर ख़ोज नयी मंज़िल का निशां
एक ख़्वाब नया फ़िर और सजा
एक ख़्वाब नया फ़िर और सजा

The Person
Pramod Rajput, a poet, and a lyricist, originally from Bihar, his father being in Indian Army so after completing his primary education from the village in Bihar his rest of the education was accomplished from different parts of India. He did his Bachelors in Mathematics and Masters in Computer Applications. He has been working for more than 25 years in High Tech Multinational Companies across the Globe. The journey from a very interior village of Bihar with a very humble background to the US is inspiring in itself.
Pramod Rajput, although, is a Software Engineer by profession but had a passion for Hindi/Urdu poetries from school days. He was a great admirer of Mirza Ghalib’s poetries from his college days. In his poetries, you will witness the love and human emotions which touches the heart of listeners and readers. Few of his creations are about life, philosophy and also motivation.
How he nurtured his Passion
During his school and college days, he won many prizes in debates and self-composed poems in Hindi/Urdu.

After working for 25 years in High Tech Multinational companies, since 2017 he has started taking his poetic talent seriously and since then he is heard with great interest in KAVI SAMMELANS and MUSHAYAIRA.
He has written more than 150 Hindi/Urdu poems including ghazals and songs. Few of his poems have been composed and one of them was released as a music video too. In this short period, he has shared the stage with some big names of Hindi and Urdu poets from India, Pakistan and other parts of the world. This year in March 2019, he attended a Kavi Sammelan in Mumbai.
Let’s peep into his life story
Pramod Rajput is die-hard romantic at heart. He, against all the odds of the Indian society married into an inter-caste with his classmate Sujata at the age of 20 in India. He struggled a lot for more than a decade at the beginning of his life to make his both hands meet but he and his wife successfully completed their higher studies with flying colors and made their career and life way up. Today they stay in Richardson, Texas with their two daughters, one of them is already

married and works as Pharmacist and well settled in Wylie, Texas and the younger one is in sophomore year in college. Pramod’s father who is 80+ years old also stays with them. Today this family is seen with great respect in his village and city back in India. They keep visiting their village quite often. Pramod believes that whatever little he has achieved in life is only because of Love. According to him, Love is the answer to every problem of this world. If we all love each other selflessly then there is no heaven better than this world.

Below lines are from his ready to be printed book - आ जी लें जरा
दिन कम हैं जब इस ज़िन्दगी में
क्यूँ ना झूमें हर पल खुशी में
पंख ख़्वाबों को अपने लगा
चल ग़म को भी दे दें मज़ा
आ जी लें जरा, आ जी लें जरा
Accolades and Publications
  • On 7th Feb 2019, few lines from one of his poems were recited in Parliament by Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and leader of opposition Shri Mallikarjun Kharge. These few lines were discussed in Indian Media and Press for many days.
 जब कभी झूठ की बस्ती में, सच को तड़पते देखा है
तब मैंने अपने भीतर किसी,बच्चे को सिसकते देखा है
अपने घर की चारदिवारी में, अब लिहाफ में भी सिहरन होती है
जिस दिन से किसी को ग़ुर्बत में, सड़कों पर ठिठुरते देखा है

  • He is soon coming up with his book “Aa Jee Lein Zara” which has a compilation of his poetries, Ghazals, and Geet.
  • Many of his poems have been already published in reputed poetry magazines.
  • He has a YouTube channel, KUCHH MERI KALAM SE, where he keeps uploading his creations in his voice.
  • Check out more about him, his writings and songs at
His Future Aspirations
Pramod is a dreamer and always believes in dreaming big.For him, success is a never-ending journey and failure is never final. Now he dreams to be known as a lyricist in Indian Film Industries, Bollywood. Since Prime Minister, Narender Modi Ji has recited his poetry in parliament, he also holds a strong desire to meet him and present his first book to him in person.

He is a dreamer and always believe that Dreams do come true.
For him, success is a never-ending journey and failure is never final.

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