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From a young age, Saisha had always shown a passion for entrepreneurship and business. In 2018, Saisha and her partner co-founded their cosmetic and skincare company named, Prema Beauty. This was a new twist on the billion-dollar market, it combines their Indian heritage with their American background. Prema beauty offers ancient Ayurveda recipes that enhance an individual’s inner and outer beauty. This year, they won 500 dollars from FISD for their creative idea.
Aside from her company, she competes in DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America. This year, she made it all the way to state as a finalist. She created CSA, Charitable Students of America a volunteer organization in her school. Through it, she promotes volunteerism within her community. Last year, they partnered with the city of Frisco and helped host a community celebration for the July 4th event.
In March she hosted a basketball tournament to raise money and awareness for mental health. All proceeds went to Mental Health America; the tournament was a huge success as they were able to help hundreds of people.

Saisha is an outstanding dancer. She’s been dancing since she was only 5 years old. She’s learned the form of Kathak, a classical Indian dance for the past 11 years. Saisha is part of Stage Skuare, a professional Bollywood Dance Company. To her, dance is a way to express her feelings through her body movements.

 This year she took a leap and decided to compete for Miss Teen Asia World. She joined this competition because she believes that this pageant fosters healthy attributes of a strong and confident woman.
It has helped her become a better individual in many aspects. It has tremendously improved her speaking style, public relations, confidence, and more. Not only that, but it has brought her closer to her Asian roots while surrounding her by people who embrace their culture.
And the winner is …. Saisha Karri and she is the proud title holder with the glittering crown and she feels that this is a new journey with new challenges and new opportunities on the way.

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