Meet Sophia Enzo patel

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Hi, I'm Sophia Enzo Patel and 7 years old, I am an Indian girl from Dallas and a professional model for Kim Dawson Agency, singer and also I like to act. I like to joke, sing and of course dance Bollywood style. I started modeling when I was 4 years old and currently I am featured on Neiman Marcus, Sams Club and Michael's websites. 

I did a Bollywood dance at the age of 5 by myself in front of a crowd of 800 people at my cousin’s wedding with only 2 rehearsals. I also have done a lot of photoshoots and been on a lot of websites such as J.C Penney's, Kid Kraft, Neiman Marcus, Sams Club, Michaels.  I also have done fashion shows for the World Trade Center in Dallas and I am a brand ambassador for Purveyor24, Uniquebaby shop, Moque, Jean and Hadley, Amelia J Collections and LittleGoodall clothing.   

I like to travel and have been to London, Dubai, Mauritius, Germany and France, where I did a photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower and get this, a company created a doll that looks just like me which is currently sold at  Posh Customs Dolls. 

My Mum, Kalyani is born and raised in the Mauritius Island and speaks French and my dad, Anil is born and raised in England and speaks Gujarati, I am trying to learn both languages slowly. I like a lot school a lot and want to be a Pediatrician so I can help kids when I grow up. 

I like modeling because its a lot of fun, we get travel and dress up in different clothes. I also love being able to make new friends outside of my school, and dance class and also like the attention. I like to smile a lot and in modeling, we call it  "Turn - Smile - Pose" and like to  work with a lot of different  professional photographers especially with Vishal Gandhi  for the "Back To School" photoshoot and like getting my makeup done by Lavish. This was a lot of fun, because it was a big school and Uncle Vishal let me pose upside down on the school desk, which was a lot of fun... 

I think modeling for me can help me become who I want to be in life because as my mum and dad say, ‘Everything is possible in life’ and everyone can do it too if you work hard enough. 

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