Meet Jinal Pandya : Actress in South Indian and Bollywood Movies

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Recently, Jinal Pandya and I did a modelling campaign together, where I got to be up close and personal with her. Pandya will be seen in a lead role alongside Sanjay Dutt in the movie Amrapali which is slated to release during Diwali 2019. Prior to joining the film industry, Pandya indulged in prominent modelling assignments. She was a Femina Miss India 2010 finalist. Jinal believes body is a combination of mind and soul.

Gargi Duggal: You are raving on the silver screen; how did you make your way into Indian Cinema?
Jinal Pandya: I started off with Telegu movies, and then did a Kannada movie. Later, I took part in Femina Miss India, and that’s how I kicked off my acting career. Currently, I am shooting a movie with Sanjay Dutt, it’s a remake of Vaijantimala and Sunil Dutt starrer 1964 Amrapali movie.

Gargi Duggal: What piece of advice would you give to millennials, who want to choose Indian acting and modeling as their career, but are living American lifestyle?
Jinal Pandya: Any career you choose, you must feel passionate about. I have tried two to three different careers before I choose acting as my career. When I was studying, I thought I could be an IT graduate and that’s exactly what I did, but once I started working, I realized I wasn’t enjoying. If your heart feels like doing something, don’t give up before you try it out. You will only be successful if you are 100% determined.

Gargi Duggal: People like us who moved here in early 2000s, our parents gave us only two choices either medical or engineering, what is your take on that?
Jinal Pandya: Parents need to realize that there are many other career choices beyond medical or engineering. As a parent you need to find out what your kids are interested in. You have to give them the liberty to choose what they are passionate about. If they deeply care and make an effort to succeed, they will sore high. Sky’s the limit!

Gargi Duggal: How was your experience working with the ‘Amrapali’ crew?
Jinal Pandya: The movie is a period film, set in ancient India around 500 BC. We spent a lot of time in the make up room getting decked up and ready. There is lot of effort put in each and every shot. The detailing in terms of our costumes, the jewelry, and the set design, that you will see on the silver screen, were all thought through. Everyone has worked hard to make this a big success.

Gargi Duggal: You have your own clothing line called ‘Krishna Leela’, what kind of designs and brand are you trying to sell?
Jinal Pandya: Back in India lots of people wear sarees on their daily basis, not the one for fancy events but the comfortable ones. My brand carries very subtle versions of it that they can wear anywhere they like, even casually. The price is affordable, so even middle or upper class can manage to buy it.

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