Ancient Method for Elemental Purification: Source of Ultimate Health

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Ancient Method for Elemental Purification: Source of Ultimate Health.

When we look at what determines health and wellbeing, we may think in terms of our diet or weight, the amount of exercise we engage in, or the results of our medical tests. We may control our diet, exercise, or take medication to manage our health but health can also be addressed more fundamentally. Sadhguru, a realized yogi and foremost authority on yoga, looks at how the process of Bhuta Shuddhi can transform a human being in miraculous ways, by imprinting the right kind of information on each of the elements. 

Sadhguru: “What you call as my body is just a manifestation of five elements - earth, water, fire, air, and space. If you know how to organize these five elements properly, if you know how to keep these five elements within yourself then there is nothing more to life in terms of health, well-being, and perception. Everything is handled if only you know how to keep these five elements properly. The most fundamental practice in the yogic system which is the basis of everything else that we are doing is called as bhuta shuddhi. Bhuta means the five elements. Shuddhi means to cleanse that. If you learn to cleanse the five elements in the system, that is all there is. If you do a certain level of cleansing for the elements then you attain to what’s called as bhuta siddhi. That means you have mastery over the elements. If you have mastery over the elements, you have mastery over the body, over the mind, and over the very creation.   

So knowing this we produced a system through which you can take charge of the five elements within you. If you do an asana, Surya Namaskar, Surya Kriya, pranayama or a kriya—in a way, you are doing bhuta shuddhi. In other words, you address life in its most fundamental form, which is the five elements. You can address life just as body. You can address life as prana or life energy. You can address life on the cellular level. You can even address life on the atomic level. Or you can address life on the elemental level, which is most fundamental. Yoga is an attempt towards that. If these five elements are in your control, just the whole life process is in your control. 

The whole system of bhuta shuddhi has evolved from the knowledge that the five elements can take in and hold information. If information is properly put into anything, it also creates an intention. Depending upon what kind of information you hold about something, you naturally develop a certain intention towards that something. Once you have an intention, you start moving in that direction. It is this basis that gives bhuta shuddhi its effectiveness and its ability to transform a human being in miraculous ways.” 

Every practice taught at Isha contains bhuta shuddhi, which directly correlates to the phenomenal health benefits experienced by the participants of the program.

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