Miracles do happen when our spirit is stronger than the body - Sushmita Sen

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“Miracles do happen when our spirit is stronger than the body”
Writter & Photographer : Juliet Albuquerque Photography
If there is any woman who touches your heart warmly and blows your mind, all at the same time, it would have to be the former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress, the ever so beautiful and charismatic Sushmita Sen .

She could rightly be called the fist lady of India for all her first’s.

One can never forget that moment, exactly a quarter of a centaury ago in 1994, when those results were announced and 18 year old Sushmita Sen became the very first Indian to win the title of ‘Miss Universe’ putting India on the international map of beauty with a purpose and rightfully so. Literally the whole country gleamed with joy and pride celebrating that victory that we all experienced through her.

A powerhouse having 5.7million followers on Twitter and 4.1 million followers on Instagram and counting , who lives on her own terms not just by mere words but by example through her very own life and actions giving strength to thousands of women across the globe.

Sushmita Sen had the pleasure of meeting mother Theresa, just before she passed away in Calcutta /India. She saw her work in the orphanages and in the missionaries of charity and was inspired and in her own words expressed that she learnt from her how to be a mom.

She was awarded ‘ The Mother Theresa International Award’ by NGO ‘The harmony foundation for her efforts towards achieving social justice.

At 24 years of age, being a single girl , Sushmita adopted her first daughter Reene and later Alisah who she says have been born from her heart . Sushmita showed the world that you don’t need a man to be a mom . All you need is God, love and the strength of a woman. With that power of unconditional love she now has two immense creations of strength that call her “Mom”. She has single handedly raised her two kids defying all odds in a so called mans world.

In 2014 Sushmita had gone through an adrenal crisis and was declared steroid dependent for life. She had to take the steroid hydrocortisone, every 8 hours to stay alive. Sushmita under went treatment in London and Germany. It was a very traumatic time in her life experiencing loss of hair every day, with very high blood pressure, heavy eyes and loss of bone density among other side effects not forgetting the fact that she was a single mom. She was even advised to change her profession but this defiant strong willed diva decided if she goes down, she would do so living her life to the fullest on her terms. Advised by doctors to stay away from anti gravity she defied it (which she clearly doesn’t advice anyone to) and got her trainer to do exactly just that and she then got into yoga until one day she collapsed and was rushed to a hospital in Abu Dhabi where she was taken off the steroids in hospital and did the Synacthen test again. This time the results were a MIRACLE !! The doctor told her that in his 35 years of medical practice ,he had never seen anyone with an adrenal failure that had come back to producing cortisone again which means she did not have to take those steroids again and was on her way to recovery.

And this takes me back to the very first time I ever met Sushmita 18 years ago at the ‘Warsi’ residence on one gloomy evening where this ray of sunshine walked up to me and hugged me whispering in my ear “ Juliet , this too shall pass.” I’m so glad it did for you Sushmita ,you kind hearted angel. We wish you only the best. Continue to spread your love and joy and touch more lives, which very evidently you do . Shine like the sun and reach for the stars miss universe and we will follow you …..

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