I am Limitless - By Meenakshi Sharma

RJ Meenakshi Jul 08, 2019 278 Views   0 Comments
Don’t put limitations on yourself because of your experiences.
Who you are right now is someone you have never been before.
You have no idea what exactly you are truly capable of manifesting and creating.

We have evolved, we have grown, and we have seen a beautiful life in time. Progress comes from when you make a choice to move forward for yourself. Only WE can change our lives!

We believe that limitations are things we say we are afraid of because of fear.

One thing we need to remember is that we create our own limitations.

I have been feeling free lately. I am not worried about what people think of me.

If I say certain things or if I live a certain lifestyle or dress up in  a certain way, I don’t have to worry. I came to a realization a few weeks ago that I had a fear of being trapped, and at my subconscious level, I wanted to be free. I was affected for some time, by my close friend's remarks or criticism about how my life should be. It was certainly hurting me deep inside, and I did not like the idea of me being trapped in those thoughts.

At one point in time, I thought if I become popular people will like me, So, I started putting myself in the spotlight. I was looking for validations from people that I was “good enough”. I thought other people’s approval brought me happiness. I never realized how I was trapping myself in my own box. I forgot that no one can make me happy except myself.

That’s when I decided that it was time to move on.  I began to see how much I was limiting myself. In fact, the self-definitions that we hold is our biggest limitation. If we think we are trapped, we will feel that way. If we believe in the power to be anything that starts with “I Am limitless”, we break all the limitations.

I am the person who always believes that we need to evolve, and we cannot be stuck in our own life experiences, be it good or bad. We are not the same person every day, we are always evolving as this planet earth has evolved in so many years.

Time is constantly moving and changing. Life is giving us opportunities in every step we are taking. It is about getting rid of the limitations that we put on ourselves by not getting attached to any one aspect of what it is that we do. Who we are is not made up a various list of things we have done, continue to do, or plan to do. Who we are, is the divine expression of choosing to have these experiences. We are not all of those things that we think we are or the labels that we put on ourselves.

Once that we start to believe in the power of manifesting, we will feel free and we will be able to act in ways and do things we previously thought we could not.  Manifestation is bringing your dreams, your vision, your passion into reality. Whatever you want, you think and feel and as per the law of attraction, manifestation occurs.

Things that keep me moving:

1.     We are limitless

If we stop putting my ourselves in boxes and let go of all the “I Am this” to “ I Am limitless”, our life will change. We are the whole universe in ourselves. Let’s get started in exploring it.

2.  Quit having expectations from people or situations.

We can’t change other people’s perceptions of us. People are going to do or think about what they have to; we can’t change them. Be contented with them and love what it is, or let them go. Quit fighting the never-ending battle of wishing things were different. We have a lot of expectations from people, from ourselves. Let’s get real with the way things are instead of how we want them to be. 

3. Quit questioning yourself.

We are the whole universe in ourselves. We are vast awareness of knowledge in ourselves, we just have to tap it in.

4. Quit having expectations to outcomes.

The first step is to become aware of. We have expectations when we are working hard towards our goal. We get attached to a feeling that we are working hard, and we should get success no matter what. Rather, visualize yourself of becoming successful and start taking steps to make it happen. We may see failure during this process, or we may achieve success on our first attempt, that’s where we have to be mindful. There is a big horizon in front of us. Go and explore!!!

5. We are free

Now that we are free right here at this moment. Feel free to do what we want or desire. Free to choose to be present and aware, completely open or closed.

6. Start Manifesting.

Start paying attention to what is going on in our lives. If we focus on our patterns and where we have to correct ourselves, we can do great things. Do pay attention to what’s going right or what’s going wrong. The first step is to use the law of attraction and think positive.

Be a magnet of what you desire” and the universe will work for you.

No matter what situation you are right now you have to see the bigger picture. Remember your true divine path.

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