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All news on nature isn't bad. Looking at the enthusiasm and effort of BAPS Charities Walk Green 2019 participants, one can certainly say, there is hope. Nishta Patel, 17, of Southlake, TX taking part in the event with her parents and grandparents said,“The environment is very important. Just because we don't see it as a problem right now, it does not mean it does not have an impact in the future.”

BAPS Charities Walk Green 2019 in Dallas, TX was an event to raise funds for The Nature Conservancy as the national beneficiary. Locally the walk al so benefitted the following organizations: Brighter Tomorrow, Irving Police Athletic League and Keep Irving Beautiful. 

This year, BAPS Charities supported The Nature Conservancy's efforts to plant one billion trees by 2025 through their Plant a Billion Trees initiative. Generations of changemakersfrom 6-year-old first-time fundraisers to senior citizens—came together, with over 1100 members of the community participating in total.

“It's amazing and heartwarming to see how much support has been generated for the Kathy Jack, representative for the Nature Conservancy, said, “So absolutely the best thing I saw today were families and friends coming together in unity to do this together. We saw a lot of smiles and people walking and running together of all ages. It's really a tremendous honor for us to be able to join with the family and friends of BAPS Charities today”.

Regarding the impact of BAPS Charities support for the local beneficiaries, Irving City Manager Chris Hillman said “These contributions today coming from BAPS Charities are helping to fulfill and to complete our connections, as residents of Irving, with the beautiful natural surroundings we have here in the city”.

Hemal Patel, event lead, said “I thank all the sponsors, the individual fund raisers and all who came out today morning to take part in this walk. We greatly appreciate your support.” In addition to the annual Walkathon, BAPS Charities actively supports environmental sustainability efforts throughout the year through recycling projects, water conservation and utilizing solar power. BAPS Charities also organizes other humanitarian events throughout the year “It means a lot to us that your support is made possible by the thousands of BAPS Charities volunteers who believe like we do, that a healthy planet is critical to building healthy communities where both nature and people can thrive,” said Mark Tercek, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy.”

In addition to fostering a spirit of service across generations of participants to support a cause touching the world, BAPS Charities involved young adults in high school and college in business sponsorship initiatives. The youth participants worked to secure partnerships from local businesses to support the Walkathon efforts. 

like Health Fair, Blood Donation Drive, Food Drive, and Children's Health and Safety Day. The activities of BAPS Charities are centered on improving the quality of lives of individuals and their families. For additional information on BAPS Charities and its philanthropic activities, please visit

About BAPS Charities:

BAPS Charities is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit international charity organization committed to sincerely serving the world by caring for individuals, families, and communities. It is affiliated with BAPS as an independent charity and social services arm. The 55,000 BAPS volunteers networked in over 3,300 centers around the world provide over 12 million volunteer-hours of service annually.

Among social service charities, BAPS Charities is a well-respected and trusted name. It has amassed over 50 years of walk and how much it has grown over the years,” said Nilkanth Patel, President, BAPS Charities. “This year over 23,000 walkers in over 76 cities in North America joined the walk to help us protect our environment – for our generation and for generations. The collective actions of the community have helped The Nature Conservancy plant 61,000 additional trees in 2019. During the last four years, from 2016 to 2019, BAPS Charities Walkathons have helped plant a total of 361,000 trees.”

For additional information on BAPS Charities and its international and local philanthropic activities , please visit a firsthand experience in initiating, managing, and sustaining 160 humanitarian operations throughout the world in such diverse fields as: medical services, environmental services, community services, tribal services, and disaster relief services

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