Vastu & Depression by Dr. Dipikka Sanghi Gupta

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Dr. Dipikka Sanghi Gupta is a well-known name in the field of advanced Astrology, Numerology and Vastu Shastra. She holds a Doctorate in Astrology from India. She is one of the most talented individuals whohas risen to the upper echelons of thefield and operating in this areainternationally. With her tailor made specialized remedial measures she ensures her clients lead very fulfilling lives. Her techniques of using Astrology chart and relating it to Vaastu Shastra is highly appreciable.

Beside this her experience in various branches of Astrology is also remarkable. She has authored a book named, “The Numeroscope – A complete guide to numbers” which gives an insight into the world of vibrations that each number carries with it. Moreover, she is the first person who created numerical deck with the same name. She has also co-authored a book “Holistic Wellness in the NewAge: A Comprehensive Guide to NewAge Healing Practices” with dignitaries like Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. B.M Hegde, Robert M. Williams, Bryant Meyers, among others. These books are available on Amazon.

Dr Gupta is also a good asset as a teacher and has vast experience in teaching Astrology, Vaastu Shastra and Numerology to thousands of students including celebrities. Dr Gupta has also been honored with few elite awards for her work in the field of Astrology.

Dr. Gupta is also the founder of “The Divine Art Foundation Trust” in India in 2016, a nonprofit organization working to provide basic amenities to poor children as well as education and awareness in the areas of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot cards, Vastu, Spiritualism and Divination.

Depression is a feeling of sadness, hopelessness and is a state of lack ofconfidence. It is a state of imbalanced emotions.

Vastu is a science which works on directions, balancing of five elements, entrance, Vastu Devtas and Asuras and balancing the energies of built up area. You might have noticed that you feel relaxed in one particular room or children prefer to study at one place in house. Each emotion and though is connected to a particular zone.

Any erratic emotions are outcome of disturbed energy field of earth and built up space. Vastu is very helpful in this. The fundamental purpose of any knowledge is to solve the problem. Vastu does not mean doing structural changes but using right colors, proper lights, keeping energy products, crystals and pyramids can be of great help and desired results can be achieved.

I have worked on many cases related to depression. There can be many reasons, like loss in business, getting divorced, adjustment problem in family or it can be anything. The application of Vastu gets changed according to the case. There was a girl who was in deep depression due to peer pressure. She don’t bath or go out of housefor weeks. Her parents want her to join a good University just like her cousins whereas she wants to be a dancer. When I went to her room it was smelling bad. She had broken the closet door, her bangles and many other things. Everything was lying on floor and I have to hop to reach her. She was sleeping in a negative zone, so I suggested them to shift her in East of North East with few other changes. After a month or so she joined a job in pizza hut and started teaching dance. Her parents were not happy with my services because they did Vastu so that their daughter can join a good University!! I tried to convince them but all in vain.

Like there was a boy who was depressed because his girlfriend cheated him. I shifted him from North of North West to South West and activated the zone of Maa Saraswati by keeping few pens there. In few days his focus changed towards studies.

To simply avoid depression, most important thing is to keep the North East direction clean. Avoid doing storage here. Another important zone is South West. Always maintain the energies of this direction as a depressed person always need two things, first support of family and friends and secondly need to gain confidence. 

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