This Old Grandpa cooking food for kids in YouTube is a hero to many.

TP4U Editor May 21, 2018 468 Views   0 Comments

YouTuber grandpa is becoming viral these days on the internet for his kindness and inspiring cooking videos where Grandpa cooks huge servings of food to feed the orphans in his place.

With his contagious smile, grandpa shows us how to make huge servings of our favourite food like pizza, chocolate cake and many others. Grandpa’s viral videos that shows him cooking for the orphan children has almost millions of views. But more than these millions of views, grandpa’s supporters usually comment on how heart- arming the videos are.

It shows how simple food that we normally eat everyday are eagerly awaited by the orphans. It also proves that being a hero doesn’t need any age or status in life as, it only needs a big heart. The thing that makes Grandpa special is that he does not cook your regular dal-chawal on the name of charity, the YouTube star prepared dishes that are not made available to the poor kids such as a giant chicken-cheese pizza for 100 children, Crispy Chicken hamburger, Chocolate cake, French fries, Macaroni and Cheese. With the help of his son who usually shoots the video, uses the donations and subscription money to purchase the food.

Grandpa Kitchen already has close to 500,000 followers on their YouTube channel and 50,000 on their Facebook page. Grandpa says that he loves cooking and cooking on YouTube is spreading a great message. All of these videos bank on the nativity factor to grab eyeballs. The greenery, open fire and birdsong in the background are definite draws and trust us these people not only garner followers from India followers but they also have people watching them and appreciating their work from all around the world.

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