Spirit of Philanthropy : Mrs Amruta Fadnavis Banker, Dinger and Social Activist

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Spirit of Philanthropy : Mrs Amruta Fadnavis

Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis, a social activist, a trained singer, actively lending her support to women empowerment and charities active in welfare, healthcare, and research! It was a pleasure interviewing this kind spirited soul. Her love for family, passion for singing and urge for social welfare was evident in every conversation we had during her Dallas visit. 

The ailment research you supported through AAPI charity event is in line with the upcoming issue of TopPick media. Can you shed more light on why these issues need more attention?

I am so happy to be here in USA to promote this cause taken up by AAPI. I think it is very important in today's date to look into these serious diseases like leukemia, lymphoma and  cardiovascular diseases. These are growing lifestyle diseases and majority of patients and families  who can't afford good treatment can be helped by such charity causes.. Second, increasing the research activities on these diseases to help in later contingencies where people can find a complete cure is very important. Proud to perform at Jai Ho! Concert organized by AAPI to raise funds for research, awareness, and cure of these serious diseases for the needy. It is an example for all of us to follow, how an organization can come together and make a huge difference.

What would be your advice on how to prioritize health and fitness in life?
Health should be a priority because when health is lost everything is lost! One can bring back the money, but cannot bring back one's health....and character..of course! 

Another cause on your agenda is 'Woman Empowerment'. You are a VP in Axis Bank , a social activist, and is also connected to a very popular political figure in Maharashtra. You must be coming across various issues affecting women, what is your assessment on where does it need more efforts to make it a better place for women and which area would you like to highlight? 
I must say that women are venturing into various fields but the top corporate positions occupied by women are very few. In India, the women entrepreneurship in start-ups is only 10%.  This percentage should increase. India is rolling out more women conducive policies. The maternity leaves are increased, Startup India is engaging in multiple activities to support early-stage women startups. There is a POSH law to govern the security against the harassment of women in the corporate setting. Also, there are various financial schemes and special cells for women. All these things go a long way, but finally, it is our mindset. We need to think that woman is equal to man and she can perform equally. Plus the woman also has to have that conviction in her, which comes through a family, her upbringing and her education.

We often see NRIs here are bonded with their roots and help the population in rural areas in India. Any specific rural India project you wish to bring to their attention for help?

I must say as you rightly said, that NRIs really help out a lot in India. India resides in their hearts and that is a matter of pride for us. I thank AAPI here, who sent aid to help soldiers in Pulwama terrorist attack. They are also engaged in the Ayushman Bharat initiative, helping with startups including the Indian Equity market. Maharashtra is the only state where the investment by NRIs exceeds Rs.1000 crore. In the equity market, it is currently Rs. 8500 crores. NRIs show strong support and that really increases our confidence.

Healthcare would be the priority cause to focus on where NRIs can help with their expertise by consulting on video calls, training the resources of Ananga Vadi to handle the malnutrition cases better and much more. Secondly, it would be education! We can come together to upgrade various schools in rural areas. Another focus is the village development, by adopting a village of 500-1500 people to transform into a Model Village which would include sanitation, education, vocational training, etc. These things would really help because the maximum population of India resides in the villages.

What is Mitti Ke Sitare?
This is my ongoing initiative. Divyaj Foundation, in association with Mpower aims at discovering hidden talent from the slum areas of Mumbai and honing their musical skills to showcase their talent to the global audience. Divyaj is partnering with Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (1187 schools) to identify children who are blessed with talent but lack resources to improve themselves. The Shankar Mahadevan Academy (SMA), of the critically acclaimed musician Shankar Mahadevan, is also collaborating for Mitti Ke Sitare to provide musical training to these children. Their final performance is scheduled on June 22nd in Mumbai, where International and national artists will support them through their special performances. It will be a great platform for kids to perform and showcase their talent. We have been grooming them for over 6 months now. The ones who were not selected for the final rounds are being trained to keep a positive mindset and we shall groom them more so they can try and prepare for a next chance. The few talented children are not cut for a 9-5 job, they deserve to be an artist! We have made all the arrangements at the NSCI dome, and extend an invitation for you to attend!

Any charity work on the International front that you are engaged with?
I have been part of a few peace missions on the International level. A Prayer Breakfast in USA and also a peace mission with China. I think I would like to see more work and contribution in handling global warming and environmental change issues on an international level. I have been co-ordinating with International artists through Mitti Ke Sitare to support another cause on my agenda, Women Empowerment, as well. I think it can make a great difference if we all work together. 

Any message for NRIs?
I would thank NRIs for their contribution. They make us proud. The NRIs expertise in a variety of streams has helped bring India into a positive light. They have a 'Give Back to Community' attitude in their hearts. I request them to keep it up! Every bit of help done by an individual or through an organization will make a big difference to the people who need it.

Now time for some Rush-Me Rapid Fire, we would like to know your instant response to a few words.

Family?  Love and bonding
Passion?  Music
Fitness?  Run & be on your toes
Kids?  Pure Love
Gender Equality?  Necessity 
Education?  Must have a great independent living
Water?  Inside the body
Sports?  Fit
Dallas?  Cowboy city that loves you back
Shrikhand-Puri?  Aww...my favorite pet food!

We extended a warm invitation through her to Devendra Fadnavis-ji (Chief Minister of Maharashtra) to grace the occasion of Dallas-BMM2019 in  July'19 with her august presence. We hope they can join, and we can treat them with her favorite dish, Shrikhand-puri!   

Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis is beauty and brilliance teamed with a passion to make a positive impact in the world. She was born in an upper-middle-class family that gave an equal priority to education, sports and art. Her father is Dr. Sharad Ranade (Ophthalmologist) and her mother is Dr. Charulata Ranade (Gynecologist). Mrs. Fadnavis urges everyone to focus on health as a priority. Stay fit!

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