Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota - Abhimanyu Dassani : in Conversation with Anu Benakatti

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The Man Who Does not feel The Pain Abhimanyu Dassani : YES!!!! That’s me :) Young, handsome, goofy, Abhimanyu introduced himself to Toppick with great smile during his interview at the South Asian Film Festival Dallas.

Abhimanyu played the role of a boy named “Surya” who is born with a rare condition called congenital insensitivity to pain. A medical disorder that does not make him feel the pain when gets hurt. The movie got chosen for Dallas SAFF 2019,This film has already pocketed the people’s choice award at international film festival directed by Vasan Bala.

Toppick had an opportunity to meet Abhimanyu and get to know him more during the festival.

Q :Congratulations on the success of your debut film. Being a star child did you always want to be an actor?

Thank you. Having a degree in finance, I was drawn to and interested more in business. But later I realized my passion and interest towards acting and continue to pursue my career of acting. I gained my first experience as an assistant director before my performance in the film.

Q : What was your parents reaction when you told them about your career change? Is your mom your role model?

I am very grateful and proud of my parents. I do not really believe in any role modeling. But principles does matter to me. I have been pretty much an independent person since I was 16.Even though my parents were not very thrilled to hear about my decision in the beginning,but supported completely. With the goal set in my mind it is an achievement for me.

Q : How did you feel to be the winner and recipient of “Best Debut Award” at Macao international film festival?

It was a “WOW” . Yes, I won this award for my performance.It felt amazing.I was not expecting it and all of a sudden when I heard the announcement I was so thrilled and speechless. It is a great feeling of accomplishment.

Q : I believe you have performed all the fight scenes including martial arts one, by yourself. How hard did you have to train for that?

Oh yes! I did perform those. It was my toughest challenging commitment for the movie. I actually had to isolate myself for three months from everything. My friends, social media, my family and the outside world. Got trained for martial arts and practiced.Got hurt many times. I injured my ankle, leg and arm, but made it all the way.I takes lot more perseverance and patience. I was confident that I could do it.

Q : You studied human anatomy for the movie? Was it needed? :)

I did it for myself. I always liked biology and its been my favorite subject to begin with anyway. Also, I think when you get to know your body and its functions well,you can be in better control of your actions and can take better care of yourself. Learning anatomy helped to know myself that way.

Q : This was a great beginning. What next? Any plans of acting in Hollywood movies?

May be in the future. I watched Jackie chan action movies growing up. But I would like to focus on current projects that I have.

Congratulations again Abhimanyu. Thank you for sharing your personal and bollywood experience with us. Looking forward to your next movie. Wish you the best

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