Flowers in our culture

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The context of flowers transports every Indian to the time and memories filled with festivities and special occasions. For one, it is very hard to imagine any cultural affair without the presence of these colorful and fragrant blooms.

Be it the "Gendaphoolkiladi” or“marigolds” in the Northern part of India to the colorful “Pookalam”or “flower rangoli” in the southern tip of Kerala, flowers have been always spreading happiness and smiles ever since the history of India is known. Also, it is extensive than one could ever imagine.From the ancient architecture to the tinsel town musical lyrics, here are the snippets for the flowers from the history of time in 'Bharat'.

How can someone forget the humble beauty for floral 'Dabru' prints to the Majestically weaved 'Tamarai' Motifs on the rich Kanjeevarams.The Benares motifs of gardens or the Kutch work of Gujarat. It's all blooms and Blossoms. It is weaved into Indian ethnics with much love and Passion.

Indian Architecture is as diversified as India itself. If the epitome of Mughal Architecture was Taj Mahal, the beauty of it lies in the detailed floral vines on the walls on the white Marble. No less is the beautiful lotus intricately framing the sculptures on the South Indian temple Gopurams.

While this legacy is something which aged gracefully over time on heritage structures and temples. Worshipping with flowers however hasn't changed a bit, sometimes even with exotic flowers. Instances as devotees at Badrinadh temple worshipping Lord Shiva with Bramhakamala, a rather rare to find and hard to procure flora is a shining example of our bonding with flowers

Lotus, the national flower of India is even considered as Goddess Lakshmi according to Hindu Mythology. What greater significance would one have other than being treated synonymous to the almighty.

While all this is one side of the story, Indian weddings take this amazing flora to a whole new level.A combination of marigolds, jasmines and tassels of lilies and roses is traditional sight at any Wedding décor or Mandap. Every event as a part of Indian Wedding ceremony has a generous usage of flowers for decor, prayer and scientific/medical reasons. Welcoming the Bride and Groom with a shower of flowers or under the shade of 'phoolonkichadar' or 'Floral Canopy' is always a lovely sight to behold. Apart from that the 'Varamala' or exchanging the garlands by the bride and groom irrespective of the culture, faith and tradition is followed by every Indian during their Wedding. Who denies the beauty of the sweetly fragrant Jasmine Garlands or 'Gaajra' in the thick Plaits or Buns of Indian women. Floral plait and Floral Jewelry for various ceremonies such as Mehendi and GodhaBharai is every women's love.

While this article is parallel with the arrival of spring this year, may it be Warm, Colorful and Prosperous.


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