Chai Pe Charcha by Vigyan Gotewal and Arun Sharma

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April 18, Thursday: NRIs of Dallas got together in a banquet hall for a quarterly event called "Chai PeCharcha". The objective of this informal get together is to discuss events, progress, issues, and problems in their motherland Bharat. NRIs also draw out plan on how they can collectively help people of India. Indian immigrants in Dallas are prosperous, successful, and influential people with full of love and attachment for their homeland India. The desire for something to do in the progress of India is very strong.

The event Chai PeCharcha was attended by many community leaders of Indian origin. Among many things, people discussed the general elections currently underway in India and what us good and bad for the country.

"This time the opposition doesn't have any issues. All opposition parties have come together just to defame and bring down the most credible leader in history...Mr. Modi" Said Subhash Shah, a journalist in Dallas area. 

"It's similar to Mahabharata....A war of good over evil. We need to do our part to help our Krishna (Modiji) win and convey to masses in India via social media and other channels to not vote for Mahagathbandhan" said Vigyan Gotewal, an IT entrepreneur.

Shri Gaurji who called himself Chowkidar explained how Hindu dharma defines the role of a king or leader to be Chowkidar of Nation's wealth and pride. Though opposition has done the opposite when they were in power last 60 years. Opposition treated the national wealth as their personal wealth and misused it. Modiji understands the Hindu dharma real well and how to protect, preserve and use wealth as a Chowkidar.

"Whatever we say for Modiji will be like showing a lamp to Sun. Opposition parties believe in Dynasty and share national resources with their family, kith and kin. Modiji does everything in national interest." Said Roshni Kataria.

Media is negatively portraying Hindu Muslim divide. BJP is not a Hindu party. It respects and cares equally for all Indian citizens" said Mr. Talsania. "Modiji started his journey alone. But now whole world is marching with him. He is respected in every part of this world. We, NRIs of Dallas are solidly behind Modiji and his work for the country" quipped Dr. Kiran Parikh

The meeting adjourned with a resolve that everyone will put efforts to call Indian citizens to vote, and the desire to meet again soon on another Chai Pe Charcha. Lot of solidarity was created in the meeting.

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