Dr H R Nagendra: The Yoga Teacher of Honorable PM of India Shri Narendra Modi in conversation with Anu Benkatti

Anu Benakatti May 06, 2019 697 Views   0 Comments
Over the past few years yoga has become tremendously popular throughout the world. Especially in the west it is an alternate way of exercise or workout. June 21st is celebrated as International day of yoga globally which was declared by the honorable prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. 

Recently we had a great privilege and opportunity to meet Padmashri Dr. H.R. Nagendra in Dallas, who is best known to us as Guruji, a guide and a yoga consultant of Mr.Modi. 

Dr. Nagendra is a very well known scholar,yoga therapist, academic writer and the founder and Vice chancellor of S-VYASA university Bangalore, Karnataka India. He shared his knowledge and views about how to stay healthy by making yoga relevant to modern lifestyle during his visit with us. 

Guruji has written 35 books and 100+ research papers on yoga. While answering the meaning of yoga, Guruji said, It is very important to understand the meaning of yoga. It is not just only asanas. Yoga is a way of life. Mastery of mind.Taking into consideration, the very meaning of yoga “Yujyate anena iti Yogah” it is the process of joining. Swami Vivekananda expanded the scope of Yoga to encompass all streams - Jnana, Bhakti, and Karma also to lay the foundation from the four main streams of yoga and the purpose of all yoga is to realize, be in tune,and ultimately merge with reality.

The holistic definition of yoga is most relevant to the modern society where the matter based paradigm has become the truth of the times.Yoga postulates Consciousness based paradigm and emphasizes that we are not robots governed by a set of physical laws driving us as machines.If we are more efficient than a robot sometimes or work haphazardly we do it consciously with intelligence.This power of consciousness is featured by the freedom in all of us to choose - to do, not to do or do it differently “kartum,akartum,or anyatha va kartum”.

Dr. Nagendra advised NRI community to contribute their time towards practicing yoga in order lead stress free and healthy life. He mentioned that “Unfortunately many NRI people are
becoming more prone to diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Yoga is the wonderful solution that will help to prevent many diseases and promote positive health”.

He was very excited to announce that VYASA academy for prerequisites/training will be opening soon in Dallas under his guidance and with the support of local team.

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