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The writer is by nature a dreamer, a conscious dreamer.

This quote stands true for the life of Neetu Rishi, who after a tenacious journey of accomplishments in the field of entrepreneurship nailing the flags of being a Corporate Coach, a motivational speaker, a personality development coach and a life-transforming mentor decided to script her most important life lessons, how to fight with Monday blues in the form of the book titled. “A Different Monday”

Following ingredients are required for anyone to become an author,
  • Creativity in writing
  • Urge to share the knowledge
  • Storyteller
And when she realized that she had all the three, she just wrote this on the vision board with a deadline and a vision and finally published her book on April 13th, 2019. And presented the first copy of her book to the legend, Sonu Nigam. Every time she came across these lines, 7 out of 10 people saying, “Ohh no Monday again”, “I don’t want to go to school”, “I don’t feel like going to the office”, she realized that she truly needs to share her life mantras how she fought with the monster of Monday blues and won over it.

So get ready to dive deep in the ocean where you will get all the answers to your questions that fence your mind on a Monday morning. A struggle, a battle that starts since we are ready to go to kindergarten to elementary to high school and keeps shadowing us till we are alive. This is an inspiring tale witnessing not only some powerful but wise and practical life amazing secrets which all are aware of but we somehow are not able to implement in our lives. An extraordinary relationship of a mother and a daughter where the mother wants her daughter to learn those life skills which she learned through her experiences. And the daughter experiences a life-changing odyssey while she is ready to board the flight to her dreams in her professional journey.

The following secrets get unfolded while you move on with the story-
  • To take charge of your life
  • To analyze the root cause of the Monday blues
  • To find out the plan of action
  • To activate the subconscious mind
  • To remove the mind blocks
  • To finally always say, “Wow its Monday.”
The book is available on Amazon and the link to that is as follows: -

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