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Akbar started working at a very early age and was inspired by the hard work of his dad who was a film producer in the industry and his mom who was a homemaker. 

Before he got into the music business.  Akbar danced, did television commercials, walked the ramp, acted and became a well-knowndance choreographer. He modeled for top fashion designers in India. As a child artist, in the film industry he worked with some amazing directors and producers namely Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Manmohan Desai. 

To Akbar work was a passion and being multi talented, without much thought he kept doing whatever came his way. While

choreographing dance shows and fashion shows, he was forced into the world of DJing and that's what started his journey as a DJ. At that time he says he had no so called ' God fathers' to help or teach him the skills and the internet was unheard of but his passion for music and the arts was intense.  He soon developed a great interest in the art of mixing music and learnt more and more through experimentation, sleepless nights and sheer hard work.  Before he knew it he was a Disc Jockey, He had developed his own style and people began to fall in love with his music.

Today Akbar in not only popular in India but is known around the world and over the years he has experienced a variety of audiences across the globe. Akbar particularly enjoys playing all around the US, which he says, has been very receptive of him and his music and has had the most amazing experiences in the United States.

Among many, Dubai also happens to be one of his favorite places where he loves to spin his music. He mentions that Dubai is a mix of different audiences in one place and he loves the night club culture there.

Akbaradds that his personal favorite is house music & old school tribal house. He loves it and emphasizes that those genres gives him immense pleasure. Also Bollywood is another category that he says he plays day in day out and he loves the old melodic dance music of the early 90's also him being a professional dancer and choreographer just makes it that much more easier to switch from one genre of music to the next. 

This multi talented deejay doesn't stop there. One of the most important projects to him that he's currently involved with is called 'Excess Life. It's an NGO, which works for children who are fighting cancer.

Akbar is working on two very interesting festival films, which comes from his very own home production called 'Running Water Films', along with his partner Adnan Ali.  He is currently in the United States of America doing his annual musical 12 City tour called the ROAR TOUR 2019 which is a riot. He is also simultaneously recording music, and dubbing for three singles out of which two are original compositions and one a cover version.

In short we have a lot to look forward to from this exceptional DJ in the months to follow and wish him only the best ! 

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