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Anu Benakatti May 06, 2019 374 Views   0 Comments
Do You all know it takes more energy to frown than to smile? Laughter is the best medicine and always will be the best form of therapy to enjoy life and stay happy and healthy. Skydance entertainment in association with Aux media along with Mr. Mehta brought Mr. Appurve Gupta a very well known stand up comedian from India to Dallas. Mr Gupta is known as hinglish (mixed humor of hindi and english) stand up comedian,and a Satirist. He was ranked second in “top 20 Indian stand up comedian in 2014” by CNN and was shortlisted in the Forbes India 100 celebrity nominee list of 2015.

Toppick had the privilege to meet him and talk to him about his life as a comedian during his show at Dallas. When he realized after completing the bachelor of technology in electronics and communication engineering, it is not his cup of tea, he decided to go after his passion and turn it as his profession. He started performing as stand up comedian. He said, “ The response and applause that he receives from his audience is addictive almost like an alcoholism and I just can’t stay away from it”.

Eventually his shows were received well by the audience and he became a successful stand up comedian. He says “ He loves to make people laugh because he does not like sad faces” His shows are all about his real life experiences and stories.He always find humor situations when he meets new people, visit different countries and places.

“Finding new things every time to make people is a tough task.But I have chosen this profession. So I can do it!”

Whenever and wherever funny things happen in my life, they will always go on to the stage.Because I don’t want them to go free of cost. I get inspired to share them with my audience and make them laugh. His advice to may budding artists who would like to become a comedian is “Give yourself time to grow.It may take one year or two years or even three no matter how talented artist you might be”. Dallas audience enjoyed his performance at grand center plano on March 29th

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