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Ishaan Sharma, a senior at Hebron High School in Carrollton, TX, was selected to perform at TMEA convention on 16-Feb-2019.

Begun in 1920 as the Texas Band Teachers Association, the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) is an organization of over 12,000 school music educators dedicated to promoting excellence in music education. TMEA is comprised of five divisions: Band, Orchestra, Vocal, Elementary and College.

Every year students from schools and colleges in Texas compete at different level to secure one of the prestigious positions in bands, orchestra and ensembles, which perform in front of a packed crowd of 3000+ spectators. In 2019, more than seventy-two thousand (72,000) students competed and only around 1400 students were selected after extremely tough competition. Ishaan Sharma was selected from his school along with few other very talented musicians. Based on his performance, Ishaan was placed in the top Philharmonic Orchestra to perform at very prestigious Lila Cockrell theater in San Antonio.

Ishaan has been playing music since the age of five when he started playing Piano. In the middle school, he joined school band and started learning Trombone. Music has become his passion and he started scaling the heights in his performance. In 2018; Ishaan begged all the awards from his school band competitions and earned extremely high divisions in different performances. Ishaan is part of the Hebron High School Marching band and served as a section leader for Trombone in 2019. Ishaan will be performing in International Trombone Festival (ITF) in July’19 in front of world-renowned musicians and composers. Ishaan will be pursuing his college education in music as a performer. He lives with his parents, his younger brother, and the family dog.

Here is wishing Ishaan all the success from Toppick Media for his musical career.

Listen to the Philharmonic Orchestra performance

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