Wonder Women Of INDIA Dr. Seema Rao : Interview by Khush Rawlley

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  • She is powerhouse of beauty, elegance, kindness, with strength of iron and heart of gold. 
  • A 7th-degree black belt holder in military martial arts, Seema Rao is India’s only female commando trainer. A prominent expert in close quarter battle (CQB), Seema has been giving commando training to various armed forces in India for 20 years (trained 20,000 soldiers so far), without taking any monetary compensation in return.
  • There are just 10 ladies on the planet who are ensured in a military artistic expression Jeet Kune Do which was established by Bruce Lee in the 60’s and Seema Rao is one of them.
  • She is only external combat training resource appointed by Indian govt. till date. She has provided training to almost every elite unit of Indian forces: national police academy, army officers training academy, policy quick response teams of almost every major city in India.
  • Seema is also a combat shooting instructor, a firefighter, a scuba diver, an HMI medalist in rock climbing, and a Mrs. India World pageant finalist.
  • She has done MBA in crisis management and has bagged “World peace award, Malaysia”, “US Precedence volunteer service award”.

How did your Journey begin?
I have earning to be powerful as I was bullied as a kid. So I learn Tai kwan do, got black belt. Learnt Boxing and wrestling. Craving to change what I basically was. Situation where I could control instead of someone controlling me.

You did MBA in crisis management. You could have gotten into corporate job, but instead you chose this field that too completely voluntarily. How did that happen?
My father was a freedom fighter. As a kid he would tell bed time stories (e.g. “He swam across theMandavi river”). We 3 sisters would listen the stories of freedom struggle. After some time they would goto sleep and I was the only one listening with amazement. That’s when I thought I could do something for my country. Despite educational career I has urge to contribute to country.

How did you excel in all things in which boys dominate?
Scuba diving, mountaineering, my urge to face new challenges did not stop hence I keep going. A lot of times I could not control the situation. Fire burning in mind keeps you going. I got to know Bruce Lee. I was truly impressed by him and read his books and decided to pursue that art. I was his personal student. I am one of the senior lady instructors in the world.

You were a lead in movie Hathapi as a protagonist. Please let
It is first MMA movie made in India, which is based on Mahabharata highlighting women empowerment. It’s about Drupadi who is humiliated, how she restores her dignity. I teach her the art to restore her dignity. It is movie made by 10 ppl depicting mixed martial arts. It very nice action movie with mashup of emotions entangles in situational tangles. We were looking for female singers for certain fight songs. We since we weren’t getting anybody, I just ended up singing it.

You have trained Elite Commandoes of Indian forces (National police academy etc.) How was your experience going at all places and training new people who were most boys.
There was always respect and I always enjoyed. This is physical field. If you can do something, you lead by personal example. Once I prove it, rest follows. Male ego could be subtle, but I was never bothered by it and just focused straight at my work.

You went fast ahead but we know you had your challenges vertebral fracture, memory loss. How did you cope up with physical side effects of this field?
I lost my memory after a fall. I could remember my husband at least. After that I had vertebral injury. It made me re think do I have to go through these life threatening injures but my inner answer was “I couldn’t do anything else but this” I got wisdom with time to teach safely. Person who gets afraid and stops had reached end of road. Fear needs to be instead channeled well to benefit from its raw strength and grow in the right direction.

You have sacrificed in the process. You could not be with you family during your father’s funeral. Also you adopted a girl instead of having your own child.
I personally felt it’s not important to have your own child. When we were thinking, we were facing many challenges. My husband deserves all the credit in all that decision making process. Work was so satisfying and selfless that I was addicted to it. Then we adopted a girl whom we love to the core. She has learnt martial arts as well.

I was on training assignment during my father’s death. I met family later. Do I regret not going back, but I know for sure even my father would have said “Go work for the country and do your duty”.

I also questions “Was I a good daughter? ”. My heart gives answer “Yes” since I spent good quality time when I was in his company. Those memories shall keep us connected for ever.

What motivated you to work without any compensation?
Money is important, but then it’s not the most important one. I think I do this because I want to do this. Weather I get anything back or not wasn’t my concern. I loved it so much, I couldn’t have done anything else.

You teach a technique called DARE. Defense against Rape and Eve Teasing. Would you like to talk about that?
This is workshop where I teach girls to deal with different situations. Equips women to intercept any kind
of trouble. It teaches you to stop it right in the beginning.

What are your future plans?
I wrote a book called “King Sperm” on my life. Some books are also in Interpol library. As of now I want to distribute my movie and book. Rest I shall leave on fate.

Times of weakness are over and women has to come out and be strong. Times goes so fast. In a blink 10 years are gone. So I realize you wake up and live your dreams and do it now. Explore your hidden talent and go grab it. Don’t wait for things, make things happen. We live only once.

Practice Cautious Boldness: Being bold but with caution. It is about running at a pace where you know it is
happening, looking around carefully what your next step is and still taking it carefully. WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU.

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