Karuna Pai in converation with Jyothi Lynch at US India Chamber of Commerce Women's Conference

Karuna Pai Mar 01, 2019 1929 Views   0 Comments
The USICOC hosted their 3rd Annual Women's Conference at George W Bush Presidential Library on February 22nd 2019.
This event brought women entrepreneurs and professionals together in fellowship to network, learn from successful women and from each other, and grow through inspiration and support. The conference featured some amazing women entrepreneurs and professional leaders who shared key leadership insights, their trials and tribulations and individual journey leading them there.

Jyothi Lynch, CIO, Jamba Juice - Jyothi serves as Senior Vice President and CIO of Jamba Juice where she led the successful $200M acquisition of Jamba Juice by Focus Foods from a technology strategy standpoint. Currently she is leading the technology consolidation plan between the two companies.

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