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Punta Cana is a resort town within the Punta Cana- Bávaro -Veron-Macao municipal district, in the municipality of Higüey, in La Altagracia Province, the easternmost province of the Dominican Republic. The area has popular tourist beach resorts called balnearios which face both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. To make the most of your time during your vacation, it is always wise to book an all- inclusive resort that includes activities at the beach. The following is a summary of a trip I took to Punta Cana.

Day 1: Our Punta Cana flight arrived early in the morning and after a brief cab ride we arrived at our resort, Barceló Bávaro Palace. The resort featured a Club House Entertainment District, a shopping  promenade, 24-hour sports bar, 24-hour casino, golf, world-class spa and much more. The Barceló Bávaro Palace is one of the top luxury hotels in Punta Cana, designed specifically for people who love constant sunshine, the gentle sound of the Caribbean breeze whispering in the palm trees, and beautiful crystal-clear waters with a coral reef.

The only thing Barceló Bávaro Palace guests need to think about is waking up in an idyllic place and choosing between the most pleasant form of relaxation or an exciting range of activities. After arriving at the Barceló Bávaro Palace, the first thing we did was dump our luggage in our room and then went for a stroll on the beach. The variety of the drinks, snacks, food was spectacular. There was a gigantic spread of food everywhere. Usually the specialty restaurants on the resort ground fill up fast so we had to make our dinner reservations little early. The variety of food options at one of the best All Inclusive hotels in the Dominican Republic allows guests to enjoy themselves and experience unique culinary adventures by sampling Dominican flavors or savoring international specialties at one of its 11 restaurants. We ended the day with a light swim and a music concert on the beach.

Day 2: The next day we woke up early to catch an early sunrise over the beach glimpse and later started our journey to the outskirts of the village which was quite a ride. This was the most exciting part of the trip. Here we joined a group on a dune buggy adventure. The dune buggy tour takes you on a offbeat path in the Dominican Republic and we drove past plantations, beaches, and farmland. The buggies are manual transmission with 4-speed stick shift and VW engine. Make sure you take extra pair of clothes when you go on this adventure as once it is over we were drenched in a combination of dirt, sand and  water. After freshening up ourselves we went to a cigar making factory to see how they make cigars from scratch, not something I looked forward but the gadgets used were interesting and pretty historic. Later we came to our resort to the lively music, food and entertainment shows. It was quite a day.

Day 3: Today was my son’s thirteenth birthday and he wanted to go on an adventure that had a wow factor. NOTE: You should NEVER give the choice to pick an activity to your kids. My son picked the most adventurous swimming option, swimming with the SHARKS and sting rays adventure. We joined a fun and lively group of enthusiastic people on a catamaran to go into the depths of the sea. In the middle of the ocean against blue waters was a huge area that was netted. Slowly my heart sank seeing the sharks inside the water pen. However my family was eager and swam to the netted area and jumped into the pen to be with the sharks. I could hear people squealing in fear when the sharks rubbed against them. This lasted for 30 mins and once we got back on to our catamaran we were greeted by the crew to a delicious lunch, drinks and of course some birthday cake. Later we danced our way back to the island during which they taught us some cool dancing steps. Once back at the resort it was the usual, huge dinner spread and lively entertainment.

Day 4: This day we kept aside for exploring the island. We went to a coffee plantation. The plantation was ½ an hour from most hotels in the area. It presents 500 square meters of different plants, especially coffee and cocoa, tobacco, pineapple, sugarcane, papaya, plantains, corn and others. The walk starts with a visit to the typical house, with the guide explaining how the locals lived, a walk through the areas and how they prepare their meals in a firewood stove. After this visit we continued to walk along a path inside the plantation, which by its nature, sunlight can barely penetrate. We then stopped at coffee spot where your guide will explain the whole roasting process and will offer tasting. Children get to prepare their coffee cake too at this location. At every step of the way there was an opportunity to buy some local gifts to take home. Exhausted from the walk we headed back to the hotel to relax on the beautiful sand and sip some cold coffee over sunset.

Day 5: The hotel is beside one of the 10 most stunning beaches in the world. So today we decided to just explore our beautiful resort and stay on the beach. We took advantage of enjoying water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and windsurfing activities on the beach. There are many facilities for sports enthusiasts, an exclusive spa for guests looking to unwind, a casino, clubs, and evening shows for those who enjoy nightlife. We explored almost every nook except the casino. The spa is a must visit spot in this resort.

Day 6: We packed our bags ready for our journey and returned to Dallas. Will surely miss the sand, beach and Dominican people.

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